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"Root and Branches" is a Hebraic Roots of Christianity Study and Worship Club.  R&B meets Erev Shabbat on Shabbat at 2 PM.  Where?  Tabernacles Ministries, River Room. 51 Old Dixie Hwy. Vero Beach, FL 32962. Worship is authentic first-century and


All Family and Friends Take Part

The Host Bakes / Acquires Two Large Loaves of Leavened Bread

There is an interactive training session and songs.

NOTE: Each number in parenthesis represent a reader.  (1) is the leader.  Paragraphs in bold are for everyone.  All the hymns for this service are on EloHymns CD Vol II.  There are streamloads to these hymns below.  "El" as in "Elohim" is pronounced "Ayl."  Thank you.  All in attendance may read the bold print in unison.

Shema, Ysrael, Yahweh Eloheinu, Yahweh Echad.

Father, we gather in your presence to praise your name on this Feast of Weeks.

(1) The breath of the living praises you, Sovereign Yahweh Eloheinu.  The spirit of all flesh exalts you, our King, beyond space and time, Without You we have no one to rescue or redeem us - no one to save us or sustain us - no one to show us mercy in disaster and distress.

(2) You are Master of all ages and the Strength of all creatures, You guide the world with kindness, its creatures with compassion. You neither slumber nor sleep. You stir up the sleeping and arouse the dormant. You give your voice to the speechless, your freedom to the fettered, your support to the falling - You raise those who are bowed down.

(3) If singing could fill our mouths as water fills the sea, if joy could flood our tongues like countless waves, if praise could capture our lips as fully as the sky, if our eyes could match the splendor of the sun, if our arms could make us soar up as eagles' wings, if our feet could make us speed as swiftly as deer, we could yet never fully communicate our gratitude for one ten-thousandth of the lasting love of Your precious blessing,

(4) You redeemed us from Egypt; You delivered us from the house of bondage. In famine You nourished us; in prosperity You sustained us. You rescued us from the sword, protected us from pestilence, and saved us from dread and lingering disease. To this day Your compassion aids us; Your kindness forsakes us not. O never abandon us, Father Yahweh!

(5) So the limbs that You formed for us, the spirit and soul that You breathed into us, the tongue that You set in our mouth, all must thank, praise, extol, exalt, and sing of Your righteousness and sovereignty. Every mouth will thank You; every tongue will pledge devotion. Every knee will bend to You; every back will bow to You. Every heart will revere You, every fiber will sing Your glory, just as the Psalmist sang:

All my bones exclaim - Master, who is like You, saving the weak from the powerful, the needy from those who would prey upon them? Who can equal You, who can be compared to You, great, mighty, awesome, exalted El, Creator of the heavens and the earth? We extol You even as David sang: "Hallel Yahweh, O my being; let my every fiber praise His devoted name."

(6) You are our Mighty One by virtue of the expanse of Your power, great by virtue of the esteem of Your name, super forever and revered through Your awesome works. You are the King, enthroned and supreme.

He abides forever, His name is exalted and set-apart.  As the Psalmist has written: "Let all who are righteous rejoice in Yahweh. It is fitting for the upright to praise Him."  By the mouth of the upright are You extolled,  by the words of the righteous are You praised, by the tongue of the faithful are You acclaimed, in the heart of the saintly are You kadŰsh.  

(7) The assembled throngs of Your people, the house of Israel, the branches of the True Vine, our Sovereign, will all enrich Your name in song in every generation. Such is the duty of all creatures, Yahweh our Elohim and Elohim of all generations, to thank you and magnify You, adding our own praise to the songs of David, Your anointed servant.


(1) You will always be praised as the great and devoted, our King in skies and earth. It is ever fitting to acknowledge Your might and Your dominion in songs of praise and gratitude. Yours are strength, sovereignty and eternity, sanctity, grandeur, and shekinah. We offer You our devotion; we open our hearts in thanksgiving.

Blessed are You, O Yahweh, King, greatly to be praised and thanked, an Elohim who works wonders, who delights in songs of praise, who is our exalted and eternal sovereign, life of the world.

Let the glory of Elohim be extolled; let His great name be set-apart from all others in this world whose creation He willed. May His kingdom prevail in our own day, our own lives, and in the life of all who call themselves Israel; and let us say: AmÍn.

AmÍn.  Let His great name be blessed forever and ever.

Let the name of the Echad, the United One, blessed is He, be set-apart, exalted, and honored, even though He may be beyond all the praises, songs, and awards we can utter, and let us say: AmÍn.  Bless Yahweh, to whom our praise is due.

AmÍn.  Baruch Yahweh, to whom our blessing is due, now and forever.  Praised are You, O Sovereign Eloheinu, Ruler of the universe, who renders light and darkness, who ordains peace and creates all things.

You will be praised forever, our Rock, our Redeemer, our King, Creator of all the hosts of the skies. The ministering malachim whom You fashioned to serve You stand in the heights of the universe and reverently proclaim the words of the living El and eternal King. In complete harmony, they all vow to perform the will of their Creator. They call to one another, singing of the power and majesty on high, setting their Maker apart in clear tones and sacred melody, chanting with reverence -

Qadosh, qadosh, qadosh, Yahweh of TsviŰt, the whole earth is full of His fame. 

The host of celestial beings join in a mighty refrain, in a chorus of adoration, as they respond:

Praised be the shekinah of Yahweh throughout the universe.

To the blessed Father they sweetly sing; and they celebrate in song the living, enduring Savior, for He is unique, doing mighty deeds, creating all that is new.  He is Commander of Battles, sowing righteousness and reaping triumph. He creates healing for all our hurts; He is awesome in praise, for He is the Master of marvels. In His goodness He renews the light day after day, as the Psalmist sang:

Give thanks to the creator of great lights, for His love endures forever.

O may a new light shine upon Zion, and may we all be worthy to share soon in its splendor.

Blessed are You, O Yahweh, Creator of light and grantor of the Word.

Deep is Your love for us, Sovereign; boundless Your tender compassion.  You taught our ancestors the life-preserving Torah. They trusted in You. For their sake, now graciously teach us.

Father, merciful Father, show us mercy; grant us discernment and understanding. Then will we study Your Torah, heed its words, teach its precepts, and follow its instruction, lovingly fulfilling all its mitzvot.  Open our eyes to Your Torah; help our hearts cleave to Your mitzvot. Unite all our thoughts to love and revere You; then we will never be brought to shame, for we trust in Your awesome righteousness. We will delight in Your deliverance.  O bring us safely together from the four corners of the earth, and lead us in dignity to our set-apart land.

You are the Source of deliverance.  You have chosen us from all peoples and tongues, constantly drawing us nearer to You, that we may lovingly offer You praise, proclaiming Your oneness. 

Baruch atah Yahweh, who has chosen His people Israel in love.

Hear, O Israel: Yahweh our El is One Yahweh!

She-ma Yis-ra-eil: Yah-weh E-lo-hei-nu, Yah-weh E-chad!  Blessed is His glorious name forever and ever! 

Yes, you will love Yahweh Eloheinu with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might.

Listen to our version of the Shema

Set these words that I command you this day upon your heart. Teach them faithfully to your children; speak of them in your home and on your way, when you lie down and when you rise up. Bind them as a sign upon your hand; let them be a symbol before your eyes; inscribe them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

Lovingly, O Sovereign, have You given us festivals for joy, holidays and appointed times for rejoicing, this festival of Shavuot, season of the giving of our Torah, returning first fruits and celebrating the Set-apart Spirit in our lives.

Our Elohim, and Elohim of our ancestors, remember us with grace and mercy. Remember Your people Israel as they pray on this day of Shavuot.  Be mindful of the Messiah, the scion of David, and of the New Jerusalem, Your set-apart city. In Your love and compassion, grant us goodness, life, and peace.

Remember us this day for well-being. Bless us this day with Your nearness. Help us this day to a fuller life. Remember Your promise of salvation and mercy; have compassion upon us and save us, for we place our trust in You, merciful and gracious Elohim.

Yahweh our Elohim, bestow on us the blessing of Your festivals, for life and for peace, for joy and for gladness, even as You have promised. Our Elohim and Elohim of our ancestors add righteousness to our lives with Your mitzvot and may Your Torah be our portion. Fill our lives with Your goodness and gladden us with Your triumph.

Cleanse our hearts and we will serve You faithfully.  Sovereign Elohim, grant that we inherit Your gift of festivals so that the people who call themselves Israel, those who value Your name, will rejoice in You.  HalleluYah, You who blesses the people Israel with the festivals.

Accept with favor, the prayers of Your people Israel. Restore worship to Zion and accept Israel's offerings and prayer with favor. May the worship of Your people Israel always be worthy of Your acceptance.

May we witness Your return to Zion, Yahshua-Yahweh.  Blessed are You, Master, who restores His Presence to Zion.  We gratefully acknowledge that You are our Salvation and that of our ancestors.

You are the Rock of our life, the Power that shields us in every age. We thank You and sing Your praises: for our lives, which are in Your hand; for our souls, which are in Your keeping; for the signs of Your presence we encounter every day; and for Your wondrous gifts at all times, morning, noon, and night.

You are Goodness: Your mercies never end.   You are Compassion: Your love will never fail. You have always been our hope.  Halleluyah!


Choose a Psalm:

EloHymn 20  Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 9:6   You Are Wonderful

EloHymn 26  Tehillim (Psalms) 25  Show Me Your Ways, O Father  


EloHymn 36  Psalm 31  The Secret Presence

Waving of the Loaves  Ezek 37:15-26

We wave for blessing and not for disaster.        AmÍn.

We wave for life and not for death.                    AmÍn.

We wave for abundance and not for famine.      AmÍn.

We wave two loaves.

We wave two for the abundance of manna in the wilderness, two for the restored tablets of the Torah, two for the houses of Yisrael as rods in one hand, two for the greater and lesser commandments, two for the witnesses of the Word and the Testimony.

Two that become one in his / her hand.

Men: Shema Yisrael, Yahweh our Elohim is One.

Woman: Neither do I pray for these alone, but I pray for those that will believe me through their word.

That the two loaves may be one.

That they may all be one, as You, Father, are in me and I am in you, that they also may be one in us, so the world may believe that you have sent me.

AmÍn.  AmÍn and AmÍn.


1. To him who is able to keep us from falling,

2. and carry us into his glorious presence,

3. both faultless and joyful: to our sky-bound Father,

4. through Iesu Anointed, our master, be glory,

5. and majesty, might and authority, even

6. from ages long past and from now and forever,

7. AmÍn and AmÍn. HalleluYah, AmÍn.



Our Elohim and Elohim of our fathers, remember Abraham who yearned for Your Presence, whom You blessed as a tree planted by streams of water;  You shielded and rescued him from fire and water as he sowed his seed wherever there flowed water. For his sake, send Your gift of water. Remember Isaac whose father was ready to offer him as a sacrifice to You, to shed his blood like water.  Yet his own faith soared high, and trusting in You, he dug wells and found water. For his sake, send Your gift of water.  Remember Yahshua, whom you sent to gather the twelve tribes of Israel and bless them. Though they executed him on a stake, still you blessed them with pure rain.  Remember these twelve tribes of Israel and the mixed multitude, for whom You parted the water; and for whom you sweetened the bitter waters.  Their children were ever ready to serve You and to shed their blood like water.  O turn in mercy to us for we are engulfed by hostile tides of water.  For their sake, send Your gift of water.  For You are Yahweh our Elohim, who causes the wind to blow and the rain to descend:


For blessing and not for disaster.       AmÍn.

For life and not for death.                    AmÍn.

For abundance and not for famine.    AmÍn.


We give thanks for the miracles, the redeeming wonders, and the mighty deeds by which our people are being saved at this season of the year as in days of old.  We thank you for mighty rains. 

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