True Name, Original, Hebraic Worship Psalms, Hymns and Choruses
Professionally Arranged, Fully Orchestrated, with Lead Sheets
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Notes to Potential Performers

Singers, Songwriters, Instrumentalists

We hope you will consider being a featured vocalist on an upcoming Elohymns release.  The CDs are coming out approximately once per quarter, and two are pending release at this writing.

We produce sheet music and an orchestrated accompaniment track for each Elohymn.  We hope that Elohymns will be used in the congregation at some stage.  

So in order to teach the Elohymn melodies, another CD is produced with both accompaniment and lead vocals.

However, the singing versions are more popular than the accompaniment CDs.  So far, I have been singing almost all the pieces with Marcelle now also singing. 


If you can sing you can help.  The arrangements, the lyrics and the songs themselves are showcased - not the vocalist.  The Elohymns just need to be sung with a little style and fairly in tune.  The sound engineer (me) can clean up the vocals if necessary and make the cut sound quite professional.

IF YOU WOULD HELP BY APPEARING ON A TRACK OR TRACKS, as a soloist, background singer or instrumentalist, you can do it all from your home.  Here's how you can do it.

Phone 801 605-1715.  This is a voice mailbox.  Leave your name, contact number and email address.  Then in the time remaining, sing a little bit of your favorite song.  You may need to call twice to get all the information in.

If you are an instrumentalist, tell us what you do instead and play a little if you can.

We will select an unrecorded Elohymn we feel is matched to your voice or ability.  We will prepared sheet music and an orchestrated accompaniment.  Then we will contact you and tell you where you can download both.

You prepare the Elohymn at home prayerfully.  Within two weeks, you perform your Elohymn in front of your computer.  You record only the vocal or instrumental part.  Record it three times.  If you have trouble with parts, record them more times.  Upload your recordings so we can get them.

If you don't know how to use your computer to record and upload, we will send you EASY instructions.  If you live in the Tallahassee area, just stop by and we can do it in our studio.

I will notify you when the finished Elohymn(s) is ready and you may download your copy.  Your Elohymn will be released typically when the next CD is finished.  (This is usually within three months.)

There is no payment - this is a volunteer ministry.  However, you will have an opportunity to be featured on a CD and on a MySpace or other download page, if you want.  And you will want to promote the CD to your friends and family.

Finally, if you are a songwriter or you want an album of your own digitally orchestrated accompaniments, or you want to do an entire album of Elohymns, each can be arranged.

Go ahead and get started.  Phone 801 605-1715!

Blessings to you in the name of Yahweh,

Dr. Jackson Snyder