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Notes to Present Owners of Volume I, "Arise, O YAH!"

The first volume of EloHymns was recorded as best as I knew how at the time.  It has some flaws.  But now that I have better mastered the software, I am re-mastering the entire 20 EloHymns for you and adding a couple more.

The result so far is very encouraging.

I am making the entire enhanced CD available to you as I promised, and free of charge by download.  I can also send you a new, enhanced CD if you will pay shipping and handling - just a couple dollars.

If you are interested in getting your Volume I enhanced with a couple more from the yet unreleased Volume IV, please contact me at the email or phone above.  I will send you back direction to the page from which you can get your enhanced version of "ARISE O YAH!"

Thank you for supporting this work.  It is the only one of its kind, and we feel we find it as the fulfillment of prophecy.  (Isaiah 12:1-6).

Jack H. Snyder