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Mignon Snyder Memorial Service

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Cox-Giffords Chapel | Vero Beach, Florida | May 15, 2011

We were married Friday, February 10, 1989 in Fort Pierce. 
We ate four meals that weekend at the Nippon Sushi Bar in West Palm Beach.
Was it love, or was it the Wasabi?

Dear Mig,

You have been my child bride, the bride of youth, lover of soul and body.

When I had no family, you gave me yours, and insisted they be mine.

You have been my playmate, visionary, adventurer, soul-mate, confidante.

You, Beauty, lifted my head and kissed me. When I didn’t change, you kissed me again.

You never laughed at me and you never made me cry, except right now.

We have been true partners in matters of faith, vocation, and interest, it’s true.

And we have been persecuted by those closest; but you have known meekness.

For, even in your great anger, you were ever faithful, and you attained to the Elect.

You found us “people” here and there, as was prophesied, and people yet today.

Now you stand among your own at home; but I am as alone as a homeless man.

I hear those outside Lazarus’ tomb saying, “See how much he loved him!”

They will never say such a thing about me, even if they catch me weeping.

For I have been so gravely deficient in love.  I could try again . . .

If I could somehow tear the skies open and drag you back to me. But no.

Time will soon enough rip itself apart and reveal our next chance meeting

On a mission field somewhere.  And I will be a better man then.

Audio: Testimonials and Remembrances, 40 minutes    download

Audio: Mignon's Haiti Experience, 40 minutes                download

The following photos are from Cox Chapel Memorial.  Click to supersize a picture:




York 1910 and White 1920 silver cornets

I rebuild, restore & repair brass and silver musical instruments. The proceeds of sales go for our occupational rehabilitation ministry. Pictured are 1910 White and 1920 York silver cornets, which came to me each in very poor condition.  Each horn was chemically cleaned, de-tarnished, de-dented, re-soldered, padded and corked, with valves lapped and lubricated. They are ready as vintage instruments to go back into service, along with many more beauties.  Do you have instruments you no longer use - any make, model, condition or type?  We can put them to use in ministry.  Perhaps you are a player or need a used instrument.  Maybe I can help. Call (801) 850 6901 and leave me a message or use the contact form.  Jackson Snyder



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