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The Spiritual Meaning of Passover and Communion

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So you think communion is a pagan ritual?   Think again! 

See pro / con feedback on this article


1 Cor 5:5. Do you not realize that only a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough? 7. Throw out the old yeast so that you can be the fresh dough, unleavened as you are. For our Passover has been sacrificed, that is, Christ; 8. let us keep the feast, then, with none of the old yeast and no leavening of evil and wickedness, but only the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. (all NJB)


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Rabbi Shaul (Paul) is here speaking about the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread which follows.  This is an eight day festival that begins the second week of April this year. 



The Eucharist, or Great Thanksgiving, requires unleavened bread.In the Anglican / Episcopal Church, the Eucharist (Communion) celebrated at each service is an extension of both the Passover and the feast of Unleavened Bread.  In these congregations, do you remember what the People say after the Priest breaks the bread and proclaims, “Chr-st, our Passover Lamb is Sacrificed”?  (The answer is that the people proclaim, “Therefore, let us keep the feast!”  The older version then has the people saying, “HalleluYah!”)  The Priest and People are quoting 1 Corinthians 5:7, in which Shaul is speaking of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  So there is a close connection between the (Anglo-Orthodox) Christian Eucharist (or Communion) and Israelite (and Jewish) Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread. 


Before we get to the Scripture about this, can you answer the following? 

(1) Who instituted the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread? __________________ 

(2) When are these observed and for how long?_________________________________

(3) Who instituted the Eucharist and Supper? ______________________

(4) When are these to be observed? _________________________________________


Answers: (1) Yahweh Elohim, (2) the 14th day of Ab and the next seven days, (3) Yahshua the Anointed (aka Jesus Christ) (4) as often as possible (1 Corinthians 11:26).


Shaul connects the Feast of Unleavened Bread with the Eucharist in 1 Corinthians 11, saying, “I received this tradition from the L-rd….”


Note this statement of faith:

We hold to the Real Presence of Yahshua in the elements of the Communion (i.e. the properly consecrated and administered unleavened bread and wine) as plainly set forth in Yahshua's own words (John 6:55), which we affirm to be genuine.  The Communion is an extension of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and may be celebrated as often as we will. (



Yeast (Leaven) is the symbol for sin.  Sin, we remember, is breaking the commandments of Yahweh (1 John 3:4).  What causes yeast to spread itself, or rise?  (It proliferates in the medium causing fermentation, then dies in its own excrement.)


The letter Tau can be seen plainly in the unleavened communion wafer.Why do you suppose we never are to use a loaf of yeast bread or a hotdog bun for Eucharist / Communion?  We use only unleavened bread, preferably the “wafer” as a communion element.  The “wafer” is real bread, made of nothing but wheat flour and water under the supervision of set-apart ministers.  How would you un-yeast dough?  How can one un-leaven him/herself?


Lev 17:1. Yahweh spoke to Moses and said: 5. The Israelites should bring their sacrifices to Yahweh at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting, to the priest, and offer them as communion sacrifices to Yahweh; … 7. This is a perpetual law for them and for their descendants.



This Bible version uses the word communion to describe animal sacrifices.  In the olden days, butchering wasn’t to be done outside of bringing the offering of it into the meeting place.  One reason for this is that these Israelites (who didn’t have supermarkets), by “sacrificing” outside the “communion,” might be doing so unto a pagan god.  How long was such sacrifice to continue?  Who are “their descendants”?  We are their descendants.


John 6:51. Yahshua speaking: …the bread that I shall give is my flesh, for the life of the world. 52. Then the Jews started arguing among themselves, How can this man give us his flesh to eat? 53. Yahshua replied to them: In all truth I tell you, if you do not eat the meat of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.  54. Anyone who does eat my meat and drink my blood has eternal life, and I shall raise that person up on the last day.  55. For my meat is real food and my blood is real drink.


Of course, this series of sayings polarized Yahshua’s followers and scandalized the rest.  It still is a cause of division in the Christian Church.  


Here’s a turn-about for you: the more liberal churches take Yahshua’s words literally – they really eat his meat and drink his blood.  The Anglican / Episcopal Church, for instance, believes this way and therefore commemorates the Eucharist every time they meet.  On the other hand, the conservative / fundamentalist churches do not take these words literally and therefore but seldom offer “The Lord’s Supper” because to them it’s only a memorial service. 


Messianics also believe (for the most part) that Yahshua was not instituting anything new here – that he was only observing the Passover.  Therefore Messianics only do Passover on Passover, and Feast of Unleavened Bread on Feast days.


In the passage, Yahshua is making direct reference to the Exodus, the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. 



Romans 3:25. Yahweh appointed Yahshua as a sacrifice for reconciliation, through faith, by the shedding of his blood, and so showed his justness; first for the past, when sins went unpunished because he held his hand; 26. and now again for the present age, to show how he is just and justifies (prejudges) everyone who has faith in Yahshua.


Have the animal sacrifices of the Torah passed away out of the law of Yahweh because the man Yahshua was the last sacrifice?  No, they haven’t.  There can be no justification without the shedding of blood, and there can be no shedding of blood unless there is the Temple – which no longer exists.  Therefore only one sacrifice for sin is left, and that sacrifice is of Yahshua the Anointed.


This is why some believers – Roman Catholics, Orthodox and some Anglicans say, “Our Passover lamb is sacrificed!” when they snap the crunchy circle of unleavened bread.  They understand that Yahshua sacrifices himself every time we break the bread and do the supper as he commanded.


Other Anglicans and “Evangelical Christianity” think that idea of eternal sacrifice is kind of nutty, especially since Hebrew 7:27 says, He (Yahshua) has no need to offer sacrifices every day, as the high priests do , … this he did once and for all by offering himself.



Now we wonder if we too are polarized and scandalized at such teaching.  Do we not understand Christians to be Israel, according to the Two House Theory?  Then how can we dismiss the Eucharist, especially since some Christians take Yahshua literally and at his word?


Jackson Snyder  March 9, 2006



I think I can qualify in giving you feedback regarding the Eucharist since I was once an Episcopalian and now consider myself a Nazarene Israelite.

I am sure you have heard this all before. Christianity is a pagan religion. You cannot compare it with Yahweh's system of worship, established by Yahweh, Himself. Yahshua never started a new religious system called Christianity. The pagan rituals of Christianity always existed along side Yahweh's Torah. In the book of Revelation, Yahweh's people (those supposed lost 10 tribes) are called to "come out of her - My People" - and do not partake of her sins. The Catholic Church is the great whore and the protestant religions that broke off from her are her daughters. This Babylonian system called Christianity will be destroyed in the end and all those who are worshiping in that system, not believing in the Name of Yahshua and not worshiping according to Yahweh's Torah will be destroyed.

You cannot have it both ways. Yahweh's people have been mixing pagan doctrines and practices with the Torah teachings since they were formed into the nation of Israel. And Yahweh has continually called them to repent - and to return to Him. We are a stiff necked people for sure! The end time scenario is the destruction of anything that does not glorify Yahweh - people included. This is the only way that "on Earth as it is in Heaven" can come about.

Christianity is a religious system about the Messiah - but it is not the religious system of the Messiah! Yahshua is the living Torah and while He was here on Earth, He kept Torah perfectly - to the glory of Father, Yahweh. We are created to glorify Yahweh in that same way, thus, Yahweh's Torah will be taught during the 1000 year reign and everyone will be keeping the Sabbath and all Yahweh's set-apart days. In fear of our eternal lives, we should all get started now learning how to properly KEEP THE FEASTS!

As for the Two House theory. I believe there is one witness from each house; Moses from Juda (and Levi) because he was the main man in receiving the law, writing it down, understanding it and protecting it and Eliyah from Ephraim as stated in Malachi 4:5. (Neither had physical bodies that people actually buried.)

I do not understand your definition of Gentile. If you belong to Yahweh and are scattered among the nations as Ephraim of the ten "lost" tribes, (meaning they have lost their Israelite identity, but are not lost to Yahweh), they are still Yahweh's children and the seed of Abraham, they just don't know it yet. The re-gathering is the end time message, and the really good news. It is taking place as we e-mail - people returning to Yahweh and their Hebrew roots. Malachi 4:6 talks about the hearts of the children returning to their fathers ie. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. It's all about Israel, Yahweh's chosen bride and their return to Him. There will be an exodus out of the nations that will make the exodus out of Egypt look like kids stuff. Gentiles are those who are not of Abraham's seed who believe in Yahshua. They are the ones who will be grafted into Yahweh house. Remember the Messiah only was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (Matt. 15:24)

You obviously have more knowledge than I of church history, but if the Gentile Christian Church was not following Torah, it was pagan in it's core belief system. For a Hebrew to be called a Christian back then was an insult to the true followers of Messiah.

Here is an example of how to tell true doctrine from false doctrine. I work at a bank where we sometimes get counterfeit money. How do I tell if it is counterfeit? I don't study counterfeit money. I study the real thing. I know how real money feels and looks. When counterfeit comes through my hands it just doesn't have the same substance, feel or look about it. If you get to know the real truth, you can tell a counterfeit much easier. Yahshua is the living Torah. We must study His ways and not the ways of Christianity so that we will not be deceived when the counterfeit messiah comes and sits on the throne in the temple and sets up his kingdom.


I also forgot to mention that after the original apostles were murdered and the temple destroyed, the assemblies went into apostasy. Paul warned them/us about this in II Thessalonians 2:1-12. I believe that Christianity is the strong delusion. Everyone that I have met that has come out of Christianity has done so because they were in search of the truth which they didn't find there. They were not content to believe the lies, but followed the Holy (Set-apart) Spirit which leads us into all truth, beginning (I believe) with the truth of the Name(s).

If you "get" that truth - a door has been opened for you that no person can shut. Rev. 3:8.

Have a GREAT week!  Shalom.

{Name withheld}



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