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Were People on Earth Before Adam and Eve? 
Was There a Pre-Adamic Race?


This question radiates from every Bible study on the topic of Genesis or Pentateuch.  The answer is so simple that it's commonly overlooked.  The answer is YES!

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The Creation of Heaven and Earth

Hebraic time has already ticked off six thousand and six years (or so) since the coming to be of Adam (Homo Ouranos) from dust.  Scientists have proven that humankind (Homo Sapiens, et al) have walked the earth for 1.2 to 2 million years.  If humans were on earth a million years ago and the Scriptures tell us that Adam's race has only been here 6,006 plus years, then there must be more than one line of humankind, and there must be a line prior to Adam.  And if there was a line prior, was it not also in existence (and even flourishing) when Adam and Eve were naming the animals in the Garden?

Are we to entirely dismiss the learnings of our species?  Yes?  No?  Either way is OK.  If we dismiss science in preference of the scripture, then let's look to scripture only.

Genesis 2:2 "The heavens and the earth were completed and Elohim rested on the seventh day."  The six days of creation had passed and all had been created and human beings were flourishing on earth.  Elohim rested.  This had been a cosmic creation - a grandiose genesis that had engulfed and enlivened the entire dead rock of earth. 

These people were built in the image of the Elohim in order to dominate and judge. These were to eat herbs, subdue and multiply. 

We aren't given a clue as to when this creation came to be - NOT A CLUE.  Some translators have rendered Genesis 1:1 as "In the beginning of creation, the earth . . .."  The Hebrew simply says, "Bereshit." 

Then, in 2:2, "the creation was completed."


The Birth of Sky and Land

Many who consider themselves well-versed in the scripture overlook the fact that there is another "creation story" in Genesis.  The first story is the familiar seven day narrative of Genesis 1.  But the second, which begins in Genesis 2:4, is quite different; in fact, completely differentIt is a different creation; a later creation; a limited creation - a new birth of humankind. 

The word shamayim is found in both stories.  It has a double meaning: both "Heavens" and "skies."  In the first account of Genesis 1, shamayim means "Heavens," ie. atmosphere and stratosphere.  The word `eretz is also found in both stories.  It too has a double meaning: "Earth" and "land."  In the Genesis 1 account, `eretz means "Earth," ie. the planet.

But in the second story, starting at Genesis 2:4, these same words appear, and instead of "Heavens" and "Earth," they mean "sky" and "land."  How do I know this?  Because there is a parallelism in the next verse, Genesis 2:5:

and no shrub of the field is yet in the earth (`eretz), and no herb of the field yet sprouteth.

Now we're talking about a place on the earth - a patch of ground - a plat that can be located geographically, as per Genesis 2:10-14:

A river flowed from Eden to water the garden, and from there it divided to make four streams.

This is the birthing story not of the whole world, but of the land that will become known as Israel, described in Joshua 1:4:

From the desert and the Lebanon, to the Great River, the Euphrates (the entire country of the Hittites), and as far as the Great Sea to westward, is to be your territory.

This was a chosen and protected piece of "land" and "sky" set aside for a special tribe that would arise from one man and one woman.  When Adam and Eve (homo ouranos) were naming the animals formed for the garden, the world outside Eden was teeming with men and women (homo sapiens).

This not only answers the question of whether scripture supports a pre-Adamic race, but also the age-old stumper, "Where did Cain get his wife?"  No, Cain did NOT marry his sister.  He got his wife from the other bunch.

There is much more we could say about this matter, and there is far more in the scripture about this topic.  But we leave the subject for the time being, allowing you, dear reader, to wonder, "Where is this race now, and where is the tribe of Adam?"


Update on the New Creation

Paul speaks of a New Creation; John speaks of a New Birth.

Genesis 1 is the New Creation; Genesis 2 is the New Birth.

Consider source criticism (think of higher criticism not as criticizing scripture but analyzing: in this case, analyzing the underlying sources of Genesis):

The Creation of Earth, Heaven and Man found in Genesis 1 is attributed entirely to ELOHIM (God).  The New Birth of Land, Sky and Adam in Genesis 2 is attributed entirely to YAHWEH (the LORD).  Look and see for yourself. 

For the last 200 years, academic scholars have understood (at least) two different sources underlying the text of Genesis 1 & 2.  One source is the old-time Israelites embedded in Canaan (the Elohist - the 'E' source - holding ELOHIM as creator - Genesis 1).  The second source is that of the line of Judah (the YAHWIST - or 'J' source - holding Yahweh as creator - Genesis 2).

These accounts of the two creations are said to have come together in the Babylonian Captivity as Israelites from the first dispersion of Israel (c. 700 BC) came together with those of the dispersion of Judah (c. 500 BC).  From this collaboration in captivity came the redacted (edited) version of Genesis - the Genesis we know - with two stories.

That there were two or more creations is very pronounced in the Bible when one considers

(1) Genesis 6 - the story of the Nephilim and Gibborim,
(2) Numbers 13 - the Anakim and survivors of the flood,
(3) The propensity of bones of 'giants' found in Israel,
(4) The existence of two or three species of humans at the same time, as having been theorized from cave remains in Europe and elsewhere.

Jackson Snyder  January 14, 2006


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