The Prophetic Voice in Our Time, Isaiah 10 – 20, and
The Abraham Path Initiative


Do you wonder where we really are in Scripture prophecy?  Tired of the maps, charts, and seven-year nonsense?  Look closely at Sestains of Destiny along with the Scripture of Isaiah 9-19 then teach others.


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Scriptural Markers to Contemporary Events

The Burden for Lebanon (The Lebanon - Israel War)

The Burden for Babylon (Owls and Ostriches There)


The Triangle of Greater IsraelIn the last months, I have been studying Isaiah 10 – 20 and finding startling similarities with current events, especially emphasized by the Lebanon War.  The prophecies conclude with the description of a new Middle East with a highway built from Egypt through Iraq.  Last evening on NPR, I caught part of a program about the Abraham Path Initiative sponsored by Harvard University.  Getting out your Scripture and studying though these sestains (six-line poems) to learn of your times and how the current crises in the world will turn out will be well worth your while.


The Burden for Lebanon

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Behold, the sov'reign Yahweh Sabaoth
Will lop the boughs of terror by his host.
The tallest cedars of the south;
the mighty trees of sword and mouth.
The lofty trees of highest perch,
broken down to earth.

Behold the sov'reign Yahweh Sabaoth
The neighborhood has Father sad and wroth.
O Zion, never fear the rod

of Syria or of her god,
for I am stirring up a scourge:
scourge and then a purge.

Behold, the Sov'reign Yahweh Sabaoth
is sharing yet another mighty quote:
“Appearing from the royal root,
the stem of Jesse sprouts a shoot
to bear the spirit and the fruit,
One of high repute.”

Behold, the Sov'reign Yahweh Sabaoth
has sacrificed you as a sign for us.
We see that you must war and fall
before the sovereign of all -
sends forth the Son of Man to quell
earth, a living hell.


That is why we have the burden for Lebanon; O, so strong and swell!
And Tyre and Sidon in Lebanon, for the Mighty One shall fell you!



Isaiah 10:33-34

(The prophecy begins with the destruction of Lebanon in war by the hand of Yahweh.)

Now the lofty are brought down

In the land of Lebanon

By assassins’ bullets, bombs,

Tanks and planes will fill its tombs.

This the Mighty One expects.

What are we expecting next?


Isaiah 11:1-3
(From the carnage Lebanon’s cedars springs forth the Messiah, at first but a small, secret shoot.)

From the carnage of the trees

Sprouts the greatest of decrees!

Next comes forth a fervent shoot

From King David’s royal root.

Mighty rulers he’ll indict;

Seven spirits prove him right.


Isaiah 11:4-5

(Equitable judgment will begin through “his mouth”; i.e. his mouthpieces, the latter-day prophets.)

Every poor will win his case;

Every rich he will abase.

Equity will serve the meek:

Orphan, widow, maimed and weak;

Wicked ones, with iron maul

And with his mouth dispatch them all.


Isaiah 11:6-9

(The extended outcome of equitable justice is peace and the universal knowledge of the Sacred Name.)

When he’s finish with the damn,

Wolves will tarry with the lamb.

Men of war, when war shall cease,

All become new men of peace.

The false name ‘GD’ will Yahweh ban –

His name known by every man.


Isaiah 11:11

(New and unexpected groups will migrate en masse to safe lands of Greater Israel, including the US.)

The second exodus we’ll date.

The first, from 1948.

From Africa and from the West

Ten thousand march to Abram’s breast.

Then straggling in from north and east

Here come the greatest to the least.


Isaiah 11:12-13

(Tribal associations other than Judah will be given the opportunity to immigrate. Now happening.)

“Lost” tribal folk of Ephraim

Now longing for Jerusalem,

And Jewish folks from foreign shores

Will make aliyah by the scores.

The first return fulfilled the word,

And so the second - and the third.


Isaiah 11:14-16

(There are bombing attacks on Gaza as the Jordanians and Syrians leave the Philistine / Palestinians to their fate for the sake of commerce.)

Great planes from Greater Israel,

From east and west descend and shell

The modern pseudo-Philistine,

The Moabite, and all between.

The Ammonites (Jordanians) capitulate

For highways running through that state.


Isaiah 11:14-16

(While to the east, sectarian Muslims turn against each other with militias and death squads.  )

Yet Edomites (Arabs) are all incensed,

So Yahweh turns them all against

Themselves, to massacre and maim

By suicide and bloody shame.

The “NATIONS” (U.N.) want them to behave,

But Yah declares them to be grave.


Isaiah 12:1-6

(The knowledge and power of the Sacred Name Yah-Yahweh goes out through the composition of worship music employing His Name.)

“Yah-Yahweh” is my strength and song.

We’ll sing, and some will sing along;

And singing will not be the same,

For some will sing his Sacred Name,

And some will write the songs they sing,

Thus WE fulfill this foresaid thing.


Isaiah 13:1-5

(Yahweh employs his forces from afar to destroy the palaces of dictators and giants.  These righteous forces will then enter through the palace gates.)

Next when these signs have begun,

The burden comes to Babylon.

The palaces of potentates

Will all be entered through their gates

By mighty, angry men of war

That Yahweh musters from afar.


Isaiah 13:6-8

(The fate of Babylon – the Day of Yahweh – amid terror and confusion, Iraq is destroyed.)

For from the sea and from its Isles

With shock and awe, his host defiles

This wretched, tiresome, pagan land:

“The Day of Yahweh is at Hand!”

These Edomites fight fire with fire

Till Babylon is one charred pyre.


Isaiah 13:9-12

(Though the coalition of forces and their governors want peace and democracy, Yahweh’s intention is to purify the land for future use.)

This Host of Yah will be dismayed

For this is not the prayer they prayed –

That one tribe should destroy the rest

With murder labeled “righteousness”;

That other tribes would take their turn

So all of Babylon might burn.


Isaiah 13:13-19

(The Persian / Iranian government has declared its desire to stir up the super war which is to bring in their Madai, or Muslim Messiah.)

“Now I’m stirring up Iran,”

The sov’reign tells his special man.

“Those Persians care not much for spoils

Like gold and silver, slaves or oils;

They’d rather start a world-wide war.”

As into Babylon they pour.


Isaiah 13:20-22

(The populace left in Babylon / Iraq will be as wild beasts – animals denote the types of people who will inhabit the land when Yahweh’s will is complete.)


This mixing of theocracy

With Babel’s new democracy

Will quickly empty out the land:

The conqueror will be the sand,

The Bedouin, the pagan priest,

The ostrich and the wild beast.


Discursion: Burden for Babylon Part 1, YeshaYahu 13

Listen to "By the Brooks of Babylon," an EloHym, Streaming Audio

On the hilltop, raise a signal, cry aloud; O, cry aloud!

Wave the hand for them to enter those great gateways of the proud.

I myself, I commanded all my Consecrated Clans;

I have summoned mighty forces to execute my plans.


Hear the shofar on the hilltop?  Hear the loud, vast multitude?

Hear the uproar of the kingdoms; hear their forces on the move?

Yah of hosts is drafting armies from prophetic, distant lands,

From the ends of these great heavens, weapons in their hands.


Wait, Chaldea; wait Basorah; for the day of YAH has come

With destruction, occupation, flags and fury, fife and drum.

All the forces of the future I will use to punish you.

Are you haughty?  Are you ruthless?  Haughty?  Ruthless?  I AM too.


Next the Persians, in their boasting, I will call into the fray.

They are heartless; seized by demons; without mercy or delay.

Not a shepherd, not a migrant will take refuge – but the owl.

Owls and satyr, foul hyenas, and the jackals – how they howl!



So Babylon the glorious, splendiferous and crowned

Is now like Sodom and Gomorra since El burned them down.

The time, no longer close at hand, the time has long since passed,

And yet another Word fulfilled; fulfilled, Zaddik, at last.



Isaiah 14:1-11

(This refers to the dictator Sadam, King of Babel, who was lifted to godhood in his land, finally found concealed in a shallow pit by American troops.)

Then Israelites from every throng

Will with one voice take up the song,

“The great oppressor, where art thou?

What has become of you just now?

Hid in a pit – his bed with worms!

No longer must we come to terms.”


Isaiah 14:12-23

(A continuation, with the mention of the deaths of Sadam’s sons.)

“Yes, you who made your golden homes

In Babylon’s great pleasure domes;

O! How you’ve fallen, and your sons;

Both listed with the bloodied ones.”

The rat was trapped there in a pit

With bones, stale water, rats and (spit).


Isaiah 14:24-27

(The recent assassination of three Christian parliamentarians of Lebanon has made it very difficult for Syria to continue its political influence.)

Exposing these assassins who,

Of Lebanon’s elite, killed two,

And then a third, and Christians all,

Sets Syria for quite a fall.

For even in this very week

Three martyrs will arise and speak.


Discursion: Burden for Babylon Part 2,  YeshaYahu 14


Yahweh has had great compassion on Zion;

He chose Israel and set her in her land.

Even aliens and strangers will cleave to Bet Yaakov

And the people who dwell there will lend her the hand.


Yahweh will rest you from all of your turmoil;

He’s healed the pain from all your grievous work.

Then they will take up the song of the King of Babylonia:

O how you have fallen from the heights unto the earth.


Is this the fellow who made nations tremble?

Is this the fellow who shook our precious homeland?

Is this the devil who massacred our children?

Is this the satan that turned out seas to sand?


Yahweh prepared for this slaughter of his children;

Udai and Kusai; upon the reddened ground.

O, Son of Dawn, you have laid your people low,

Hanged with a hemp by the neck then cut down.


Yahweh prepared great successors for your palace:

Sir Hedgehog will lead from the Throne of Swimming Pool.

Yah will divide Babylon till the name is abhorred;

Once forgotten, no posterity or remnant for Abdul.


(The Golan Heights is a bargaining chip for Syrian cooperation in a clean-up of Lebanon.  Syria prepares an invasion of Israel through the Golan.)

Through this and Hizbollah’s great power,

Assyria, puffed up and sour,

Drives through the Heights to Galilee

With armies vast and allies three.

And when she thinks her war complete,

The chariots of fire (Merkabah tanks) they’ll meet

To burn and smash beyond recount

Before the top of Yahweh’s mount.


Isaiah 14:29-32

(Gaza, the Palestinian government, such as it is, will continue in civil dispute while volleying rockets.)

Philistia will raise a plea

While hurling rockets from the sea.

“O, you’ve become a fiery snake!

I’ll kill your root and then I’ll break

Your children.  With a famine, take.

So howl you at the gate, and bawl,

behind the concrete Gaza wall.”

Isaiah 14:31


(Gaza is destroy itself and, according to Zephaniah 2, will be finished.)

You, O Gaza, you will choke;

The northern wind is searing smoke.

You who bite the feeding hand

Will gnaw the hand from off your land.

Philistia, a man of clay

The potter must now smash away.


Isaiah 14:32

(The wall and wire makes up the wall around Gaza that Ariel Sharon created.)

While those beyond the razor wire

In Judah, they put out the fire.

Though afflicted and despised,

And by the ‘Nations’ vilified,

Yahweh builds up Zion’s wall.

He’ll protect it from them all.


Isaiah 15

(Moab was once to be preserved; but in like fashion, destroyed itself in ancient times.)

For Moab, we’ve a burden, too –

That people, once a pow’r, though few –

In ancient times, the tribe was tried

And every single creature died.

Their flux fouled up the water source

While Yahweh turned with great remorse.


Isaiah 16

(Therefore, though Moab was important in the time of the prophet, he prophesies no importance now.)

The word that Yahweh speaks to us

Today concerning Moab; thus:

“The end came forth in days long past;

The multitudes, they perished fast.

As for the remnant never caught,

Though it escaped, now count for nought.”


Isaiah 17

(Damascus is Syria.  The capital city Damascus means “bloody cup.”  There is a remnant of believers there who will be protected.)

The Burden for Damascus: shame!

For Yah describes her by her name –

The “bloodied cup,” the “fat of flesh” –

You desecrate yourself afresh.

 Yet of the remnant, words are said:

“I raise this remnant from the dead.”


Isaiah 17 cont.
(Sun and moon worship, i.e. Islam, and pagan Christianities, i.e. Ashtoreth, will be done in Syria.)

“Such will no longer gaze upon

The moon god or the sun at dawn!

The hill shrines will be desolate,

As men abandon Ashtoreth,

While others, those who slew and sinned,

Will vanish like the dust in wind.”


Isaiah 18:1-3

(Most intriguing is this unnamed nation of the tall and smooth beyond Ethiopia; that is, far to the west, from which Yahweh receives his ‘present.’)

“Go west, O Messengers, and spy

That country with the wings to fly;

And summon its ambassadors

In ships bound from her far-off shores.

You’ll know the land – it’s split in two –

A mighty river’s running through.”


“Go westward, to the tall and dread

Who measure out the land to tread

them down and take them as they please.

Attention: Earth! Beware of these!

All tribes best heed this lofty sign!

All hear this trumpeter of mine!”


Isaiah 18:4-7

 “My gift arrives from this great power

Precisely at the harvest hour

When tares are to be cut away

And branches pruned and dried as hay.

O Zion – where my name is found –

Will stand protected, safe and sound.”

        - Jackson Snyder, 12/8/06

The song version is found on Elohymns Volume 3, “Days of Awe and Joy” at


Isaiah 19

(Egypt’s war and conversion)

Egypt in Sharia Law?

Grasped by an all-pow’rful claw?

All out civil war ensues;

Europe can’t withstand the news.

Markets crash, the Nile drain’d,

Credit remains unobtained.


After war, five cities swear:

The name of Yahweh will reign there.

One, the City of the Sun*

Where Hebrew is the chosen tongue

Where cries for help from Father Yah

Will draw the Savior, Yahshua.

Who’ll smite and heal & heal and smite

Until Mitzraim gets it right,

Offering sacrifice to Yah

And worship due to Yahshua.

He’ll make himself so known in there:

To Egypt’s remnant everywhere.

The Matarayyiah Obelisk, Heliopolis*Note:  Revised Standard Version, Isaiah 19:18 In that day there will be five cities in the land of Egypt which speak the language of Canaan and swear allegiance to <Yahweh> of hosts. One of these will be called the City of the Sun. (We have known since the days of Alexander as Heliopolis.  It is now a suburb of Cairo, but still is known by the Alexandrian name.  Some other translations have the City of Destruction.  L. civitas Solis


Pictured: The Matarayyiah Obelisk, leaning?


Isaiah 19

(The Highway of Peace and Truth)

The famous three-lane highway swells

From Helios to Israel

From Israel through Syria

And on to ancient Basorah,

From Basorah to Babylon,

Where Abram’s journey carried on.


Isaiah 19:20

(This Highway becomes the Road to Reconciliation)

In Yahshua it was foretold –

This narrow way – the Freedom Road.

Did not the Scripture once foretell

Of this as “Greater Israel”?

Euphrates to the setting sun –

All Hittite lands and Lebanon?


Egypt, Israel, Syria

The Scripture has “Assyria”;

All there are blessed by Sabaoth

And none makes war, and none are wroth.

For People, Work and Heritage

Will see us through a Golden Age.

    January 11, 2007


(On January 17th, I learned of the Abraham Path Initiative, a roadway that will lead through these nations, meant to be a walkway upon which people of all faiths may travel side-by-side in dialog without fear, tracing the pathway of their ancestor, Abraham.



Markers to Contemporary Events


Isaiah 10

  20 The first remnant of Judah returns to the land.

  24  There is an uprising in the Arab world, including

  28  A Palestinian intifada

  33  A Lebanon terror-war


Isaiah 11

  01  The advent of the Netzer / Branch

  06  The Sacred Name made known to all

  11  The second remnant out of the world revealed

  14  The "flying in" upon Palestine

  15  A victory over Egypt / the World

  16  The Way out of hostile nations


Isaiah 12

  Song of Praise  for Yah-Yahweh on account of the restoration of the Name


Isaiah 13

  01 - 11 Iraq / Babylon overcome by mighty ones from a far place, civil unrest, genocide, civil war, resurgence of Iran / Medea

  17  Raising up of Iran against Iran on 'philosophical' (not monetary)  grounds. Houses in Babylon inhabited by vile wild beasts.


Isaiah 14

  01 Strangers join themselves to Israel: content in servitude to Yahweh

  04  City of Gold is destroyed; a land possessed by "Yahweh"

  12  Daystar / King of Babylon / Iraq proclaimed fallen

  29  While famine and genocide continue in Arab Palestine


Isaiah 15 - 16

  Moab / Jordan is a non-entity in this time.


Isaiah 17

  Syria and the remnant


Isaiah 18

  01  The great land of the Smooth and Tall; a trumpet blown, ships dispatched, a great dividing river in that land, the host of Yahweh

  07  A nation that is terrible - that may trample others


Isaiah 19

  01  Civil strife in Egypt, a cruel ruler; Judah becomes a terror to Egypt

  18  The five cities of Yahweh in Egypt

  19  An altar of worship to Yahweh in Egypt

  23  The City of Destruction / City of the Sun; a highway across formerly hostile nations, the Abraham Path, and peace.


Jackson Snyder