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1:00 - 3:30 PM

Dinner carried in for first meetings after new moon and feasts, commencing at noon

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This is an in-depth study of Scripture from a Nazarene / Hebraic viewpoint followed by a "chorus of breath prayers."  (See this link for an explanation of "breath prayer.")


Tabernacles Ministries

Education Annex / River Room
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Vero Beach, FL 32962-3592

About the Ephramite Two-House Restoration Cult: Introduction to Two-House Theology - This article is writen to denigrate our movement, however there is a lot to be learned from it's history and point-of-view.


What Is Chag Yeshua? There is an amazing and important festival on the Biblical calendar which has been lost and has not been observed for centuries. The festival was enacted in the 3rd Book of the Maccabees, but since this book was removed from the canon (along with the rest of the apocrypha), this festival was effectively removed with it. As the restoration of truth continues, one of the things that we need to do is restore this lost, biblical festival to our observance.

The Essenes and Plural Marriage - for some Enochian Essenes it was forbidden for practical reasons, for some it was condemned as an imitation of other sects, for those who were already married. These prohibitions lead us to believe that plural marriage was common, though seen as a threat by some very influential Essenes.

The Family of Jesus (Yahshua) by E. McNamer - This article, from a Roman Catholic publication, is a very good quick study of the royal family from Egypt to the Ascendancy of Simon bar Cleopas. Bare bones, every Netzari should know al least this much about the Savior's lineage and descendants.


The Hazon Balaam, or Balaam / Bilam in the Tell Deir 'Alla Inscription - The Deir 'Alla Inscription (or Bala'am Son of Be'or Inscription) was the product of a 1967 excavation in Deir 'AllaJordan. The excavation revealed a many-chambered structure that had also been destroyed by earthquake, during the Persian period at the site, on the wall of which was written a previously unknown prophecy by the seer and prophet Bala'am, son of Be'or.

The Jesus Family Tomb - A Family Perspective

Let me start off my Shocking True Story Behind the “Jesus Family Tomb” in an unlikely place – Heliopolis, Egypt (Isaiah 19:18) about 10 years before the so-called Common Era (B.C.E.).  Here lives an adult set of twins whose ancestors came out of Egypt in the Exodus, but went back sometime later.  Their names are Cleopatra and Cleopas – very popular Greco-Egyptian names .  .  .at the time. 

The Concept of Lehabdil (Boundaries) from D. N. Friedman - Commentary on Leviticus 10 & 11

Aaron’s inaugural day of priestly sacrifice is thus to have been a glorious day of pomp and ceremony, miraculously sanctioned by the divine glory and fire; but then this extraordinary thing happens. The two eldest of his four sons bring this offering that YHWH had not told them to make, and the divine fire comes and consumes them.

Hermeneutic Tools for Exegetes and Problem Solvers - Advanced training in interpretation, beginning with the "Anglican Stool" and commencing through numerous conventional and unconventional methods.  (Includes manuscript with abstract and an hour of audio.)

Tornadoes and Natural Disasters - Why? "Hearken to the Thunder of His Voice!" What has Elohim been trying to tell us with all this rumbling, cracking, booming and fearsome noises?  If Elohim caused tornadoes to destroy – or – if that’s too strong of stuff for you – if Elohim allowed tornadoes to destroy – then why here, why among us decent folks?   Three reasons are found in probably the most curious line of Elihu’s poem: “Whether for correction or for his land or for love, he causes it” (Job 37:13).  Podcast here.


SKYPE = New Times:

         Tuesday     8:30 PM (ET) Revelation Seminar

             The historical fulfillment of Revelation and its possible

             repeat in our day.  Skype jackson.h.snyder

         Sabbath    1:30 PM (ET)  Various topics - James the Just

              Skype jackson.h.snyder

         Sabbath     3:30 PM (ET) Enoch Seminar

              The book of 1st (Ethiopic) Enoch is encountered verse by

              verse.  Skype knght4yshua

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The Significance & Discipline of the Four Commandments

An Introduction to the Netzarim Faith

 A Horah Yahad (Study Group)

This study is happening now over Skype.

Skype contact jackson.h.snyder


The Origins of 'Laughing in the Spirit'

Is it of Divine Origin? Is there a Hebraic Roots application?

The Story:
The pastor looked at his watch, and just as he was about to end the season of silence with the “Lord’s Prayer,” Elmo, completely out of character, began to chuckle some. His chuckle turned into a laugh, and his laugh became a fit of laughter. Of course, that ended quiet time and surprised everyone. Elmo hardly smiled much less laughed so hard as to fall off the chair unto the floor. And then still he laughed right there on the floor.
The equally seriously religious spouse Gladys wasn’t impressed by her husband’s disturbed behavior in the middle of a sincere, even grave, prayer meeting. So Gladys stuck out her finger of prophecy and began to give Elmo a thrashing Jeremiad in front of the whole group. But Elmo didn’t pay a lick of attention to his wife (as he usually did). For Elmo was out of control, snorting and guffawing more recklessly than he had since childhood - and he’d never rolled on the floor in his life.
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Engaging Secular People with Good News

  There exists “resistant” people -- those seemingly not open to the Good News, attendance at meetings or spiritual Inherit_the_wind_trailer_(1)_Spencer_Tracy_Fredric_Marchthings.  Such folks must not be written off nor must the faith-sharer wait for the “perfect method.”  Neither should resistant people be swamped with missionaries, teaching tapes or books.  Instead, they should be offered the “mission of presence”: serving them in any way possible, building bridges, plowing and planting for later harvest.  The faith-sharer must be credible for secular people -- then perhaps they will eventually be receptive.

   The faith-sharer's approach must not be theological, but basic, in context with the person's experience, culture and language.  Most of all, the testimony must engage human needs.  Thus no single method is universal but every method used must be geared to the audience: secular people need to hear the Good News on their own terms. . . .  [read more]

The Progressions of Middle Judaisms




My life has been a “Quest for the Historic Jesus.”  The “Christ of Faith” has no foundation if the “Christ of History” was only a “marginal Jew.” Let us inquire into the original life and teachings of the Master rather than receive such important information from a dogmatic religion or creed.  When we find him, if we find him worthy, let us live our lives so that he might find us worthy of life.

There is a new interest among cutting edge scholars in Jesus research as our generation has been witness to so very many antiquities that are telling us so much more about him. As one scholar says, “I am excited that our scholarship is opening up much new knowledge, thus making it available to whosoever will receive it.”  And I have personally been very excited to receive it.  Now after many years of study and writing, I feel as though I know Him, and am a part of his special family – one of the brothers – James, Simon, Joseph, and Judah. 

So I teach the history of the first century BC through the first century AD.  I use mainly primary sources, including biblical literature and many letters and books of these centuries, to bring life again to the Savior and his family of the land of Israel. 

I am an ordained minister with the United Methodist Church, retired.  For the last 20 years I have been teaching the faith of the sect of the Nazoreans (Acts 24:5) as set forth by Y’shua ben Yosef and his successors.  Currently I am the moreh (teacher) in Vero Beach Yahad, Florida and have recently been a part of the formation of the Nazarene Yisrael Alliance, for which I was appointed Scholar at Large.



Indiana University, A.G.S. & B.G.S.

Emory University, Atlanta, M.Div.

Baptist Hospital, Pensacola, C.P.E. (Clinical Pastoral Education)

Wesley Synod, Canterbury, D. Humane Let.


Printed Publications:

Didache! Hora'ah!  (Greek and English) Lessons of the Master for All the

Tribes by the Twelve

Epistle of Barnabas, A New Translation (Greek and English)

Codex Sinaiticus: The H. T. Anderson New Testament (editor)

The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles aka The Recognitions of Clement (ed.)

I Enoch, Sky-tripper: A True Names Translation of 1 Enoch

Kata Mattyah: According to Matthew: A New, True Names Translation

Spiritual Gifts Revelation: Volume 2: Miracles by the Book

Spiritual Gifts Revelation: Volume 1: Charismata, Theory & Assessment

EloHymnal: 100 True Name Scripture Psalms

Sing the Scriptures! And Discover Your Hebrew Roots

Odes of Shalom: Netzari Songs of Extraterrestrial Love


Electronic Publications:

The Snyder Scripture

Netzarim Virtual Yahad

Secret Sayings of the Savior

Scripture News




TIMOTHY ALEF  FOUND AMONG THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS - Did you know that a number of New Testament texts have been found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Probably not, as the church has been doing everything it can to keep this out of the new for the last decade.  The fragment stand for an ominous warning to contemporary believers . . .

What Is a New Moon? - Yahweh in His wisdom has given us a calendar in the sky for all to see. He uses the sun and moon to establish days, months, years, and also His appointed observances, Genesis 1:14.  A critical component to His calendar is the new moon, which starts each Biblical month.

The Greatest Nazarene Sermon Ever Recorded - Traditionally known as "The Second Letter or Homily of Clement to the Corinthians" is a sermon on the subject of the believer’s walk of righteousness, and the earliest to use proto-New Testament citations as Scripture. The author cites works that were lost for ages, such as the Gospel of Thomas and The Gospel of the Egyptians. It is the best sermon ever put down, and addresses just about every hindrance a believer can experience.  True Names Version.  Manuscript and podcast here



Yom Teruah - Feast of Trumpets with Pictorial and Audio of the "blowings"

About Unique Baptism in the Name of Yahshua-Yahweh.


by Mikhael Bauer: A Major Point of Contention between the Zadokite Priesthood and the Hasmonean Priesthood?

New Tevillah Pictures as the 6th month wains

Who Is the Beast?  History Reveals Mystery

Logue on the Jewish Wars

Liturgy for lost Chag Yeshua Service from 3 Maccabees

Conversation with John Rittenbaugh re: Minimalism

The Seleucid Dynasty

Fellowship Photos, July

The Jubilee Calendar: A Major Point of Contention


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  Rapture - Rapture & Reality

  Sabbath - Why I Keep 7th Day


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Apostolia.communications specializing in new translations of the best ancient literature.

The 70-book canon
        and the ancient 72-book canon

The Earliest Apostolic Document?

        The Teaching of the Twelve

Septuagint LXX  

Assertions of Faith: The Yahad

Audio Seminar: Spiritual Warfare and the Origins of Evil - James Trimm*

Kata Mattyah: Hebraicized Matthew       

Rabbi calls for Resumption of Temple Mount Sacrifice

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What Could be Earliest Image of Christ Found in Jordanian Cave

Jordan battles to regain 'priceless' Christian relics

Rabbis destroyed the Aramaic and Hebrew New Testaments

Latest Lecture

4Q318: A Jewish Zodiac Calendar at Qumran? (pdf, new 8/11) The zodiac calendar has been recognized as such by several scholars, although its method of functioning has been relatively unexplored. This paper explains how the scroll’s zodiac calendar is a working, schematic calendar that is related to the Hebrew calendar in use today.

Hermeneutic Tools for Exegetes and Problem Solvers : What is 'Hermeneutics'  | Classic Mental Tools | The Quadrilateral | The Quintilateral | New and Daring Tools

Tools for Interpreting just about anything, from the Bible to Moby Dick to The Problem of Evil in the World. Use these tools appropriately and prayerfully, and your life's problems with begin to float away like bubbles on the wind.

In three parts with full text manuscript and podcast lessons.  By Jackson Snyder

Latest Messages

Lie with the Dog

My soul bragged on itself like Little Jack Horner, "What a good boy am I. I've heard from Yahweh!  And how compassionate and wonderful I’ve become tonight." About this time, the dog began to howl again and the Ruach haQodesh whispered one last thing, "Yes, Jack, you have become compassionate enough to pray.  But now -- Go! -- go lie with the dog."

The Reward of the Sword

Why does Yahshua say he came not to bring peace but a sword into our homes? We get the idea that if we are good Christians or good Torah Observers, we should inherently have peace in our families, households and properties.  But it appears likely that though Yahshua was certainly "a good Christian," he had a lousy home life, and undoubtedly suffered greatly under the burden of broken relationships because of who he was and what he came to do. 

Breath Prayer / Chorus of Prayer

We Try to Practice This Method in our Seasons of Prayer

Centuries ago, some considered this “breath of life” in a memorable way. Prayer was a breathing exercise. “As you inhale,” they taught, “thank Yahweh for the gifts given you for today. As you exhale, tell Yahweh how you are going to use those gifts.”  For example, breathe in and say, “Father, thank you for my daily needs.” Breathe out and say, “Father, strengthen me to do your will.” Breathe in and pray, “Father, thank you for acquitting me.”  Breathe out and pray, “Father, help me acquit others.”  Someone in the early monastic community wrote, “Let every breath be a prayer.”

An easier example of using the breath to pray is the “mercy prayer.” Breathe in and pray, “Yahweh, have mercy” (Kyrie / Yahweh eleison).  Breathe out and pray, “Yahshua, have mercy” (Christe / Messiah eleison).  These phrases are worth memorizing in the Greek, then they can easily be prayed all day, all night, just by breathing.  (Please do not give in to the superstition that everything Greek is pagan.) We call it a “Breath Prayer” because each is a prayer, praise or utterance that can be spoken in but one breath. We call it a “Chorus” because all in the Yahad are active in doing breath prayers either at the same time or taking turns.

Yahshua's Lost Years: An Audio Saga

This eight-hour audio saga consists of historical fiction based on the best ancient primary sources available. 

The Book of Jubilees: NEW and BETTER TRANSLATION - first three chapters with audio sample

Though many learned today teach that Jubilees is an early Pharisaical law book, we now know this cannot be, since the Jubilee Calendar that it espouses is contradictory to the pristine lunar calendar.  Instead, we understand Jubilees to be a purely Essenic commentary on the great stories and ordinances of the Torah, and part of the unwritten canon of first century Messianic believers.  Our translation replaces the Hebraic naming conventions and the archaic words and phraseology, thus taking the toil out of the book to a great degree.

The Jubilee Calendar - A Point of Contention

In our future lies a time of Restitution. This restitution must not be built on the errors that were causes for the events of the 9th of Av and the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash. Truth must survive, whatever the cost to the memory of either the School of Hillel, the School of Shamai, the Sadducees or the Pharisees.



I guarantee you will learn to speak Hebrew in one week with

(Kata Mattyah, According to Matthew)



Available here free online

Available here in paperback

Available here in audio with effects

Kata Mattyah - Hebraicized MatthewTHIS IS NOT A SACRED NAME FILL-IN PARAPHRASE!  Translated from 3rd Century Sinaitic Manuscript (א) and Diligently Compared with  the Anderson  New Testament, Dead Sea Scrolls, Aramaic Peshitta, and Nestlé-Aland 26 Greek Text: For Readers of the English Language ©2008 Jackson Snyder

According to Mattyah is a very useful manuscript for gaining a command of the biblical Hebrew language, along with some Greek and Latin.  Many common transliterated Hebrew words replace their English counterparts so that the student completing this version will gain a basic biblical Hebrew vocabulary.

This is not a paraphrase or an old version with the sacred name filled in.  No, this is a totally new, Hebraic, True Names translation from the original languages,  There is no other Scripture closer to the original manuscripts in existence.




 Spiritual Gifts Revelation I: Theory, Assessment, Problem-solving

You may now learn, teach, and evaluate 'Motivational Gifts' from a Hebraic perspective:Spiritual Gifts Revelation: Charismata Theory, Assessment, Problem-solving

Most approaches to Motivational Gifts assessment lend themselves to faulty results due to a one-dimensional inventory strategy & conclusions based on lack of practice & data. Results are often inaccurate because survey answers are self-perceptions rather than actions. The Integrated Approach is multidimensional, including 5x3 dimensions of Temperament, thinking vs doing exercises, & the 9-key Personality, to standard inventories. With help from 1000s of online participants, the author has found an "Integrated Approach”-a unique, accurate system that tears away the masks to the soul beneath. No longer mere Christian entertainment, the Rom 12 gifts render life-enhancing tools, helping participants analyze pathways accurately then make valid, prayerful decisions. This book is the first of a series. The 2nd covers Pneumatic and Apostolic Gifts. The 3rd, "Spiritual Restoration"; & the final volume brings the Integrated Approach all together.



Netzari Songs of Extraterrestrial Love

 A New, True Names Translation of an Ancient Netzari Songbook

Go to Shalomé Now

SHALOMÉ, known generally as The Odes of Solomon.  Through the reading of the Odes, one easily ascertains their composer to be a woman.  Some of these Odes are noted to be the composition of Shalome of the Cross in the the early text Pistis Sophia.  Further evidence for a female author is her redundant use of the True Name MarYah (ie Yahweh, also spelled Maria - Mary), and the feminine aspects of the Eternal being described throughout.

In addition, trusted modern scholars tell us that

(1) the original language of the Odes is Aramaic - the language of the Messiah and the Nazoreans,

(2) the origin of the Odes may be Edessa in Adiabene, which extended sanctuary to the Nazoreans (according to Eusebius and the Letters of Abgar),

(3) there is enough affinity between the language, sentiment, and theology in the Odes, the Gospel According to John, and many of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  We conclude that these compositions were all contemporaneous, and

(4) the Odes do not contain either Gnostic concepts or quotes from the New Testament.

We add to this our believe that According to John was written much earlier that 100 AD on account of recent archaeological finds confirming the Gospel's antiquity. If John is early, the Odes are just as early.

Therefore, we may consider the Odes of Shalomé to be Aramaic Songs written for MarYah and his Netzari bands; The Odes of Shalomé is perhaps the earliest hymnbook of the Nazorean Faith!


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