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Hebrew Greek English Glossary

Combined Glossaries for Snyder's Translations
‘Avodah service, temple service, labor, work
‘Avodah tov good work
‘Esher Blessed!
abisinthe, a narcotic poison choles (G.)
ach, achim brothers / siblings / significant others.
achayot sisters.
adam, bnei adam, benim-a’am humans in general, children of the earth. 
Adamah Adam
Adamyah Andrew
adon, adonai, adonaïm master, my master, masters.  This word is sometimes a cover-up for the divine name Yahweh, and may have originated in Egyptian idolatry.
adversary  shatan, “satan.”
age of punishment kolasis aionion (G.).
ahava, ahavot love, beloved
all tribes kol mishpachot.
almah young woman; sometimes translated “virgin” in the Elizabethan sense of the word.
am the people, Deuteronomy 4:10.
amein amen! “It is  true!”
anamim clouds
Anointed One “Christos” means “one anointed / spread / smeared with unguent or oil.”
apostles, emissaries shlichim
Archelaus Son of Herod the Great, meaning “Ruler of the People.”
armies, hosts tsviot (commonly, sabaoth). 
aseret alafim ten thousand (talents)
Assarion 1/10 of a Greek drachma; the latter was onsidered the “day’s wage.”
assembling, of people or sheep kahal, kahalim.
athon female donkey.
Atzvus sadness
authority, credentials s’mikhah
av, avi, abba, abbi father, my father; a term of endearment
Av, Avinu father (papa), our Father.
aviyem, abiyem their father.
avot fathers, ancestors.  
Avraham Abraham
ayin hara eye evil, jealousy or slander.
ayir colt.
azari, azariïm attendant, attendants
b’nai avikem sons / children of your father.
b’nai malkuth sons or children of the Kingdom
b’nai, bnei Elohim sons (children) of Elohim; those in covenant with YHWH.
b’rachah blessing or gift given to Elohim.
b’reishit l‘olam hazeh in the beginning of this present world.  B’reishit is also the name of the first book of Moses in the Torah, Genesis.
ba’al beit owner (master) of the house, Exodus 2:8.
bachar, bacharim chosen, chosen ones – elect ones
baptism tevillah, tevillim; see also miqvah
Bar purity; though in Aramaic it means son
barNaba Barnabas
baruch blessed.  Psalms 118:26.
baruchah, barachah the blessing prayer.
basar, basari body, my body.
Basilisk legendary snake that could kill with a glance
beged tola ( tow-law) scarlet robe or cloth. Numbers 4:8.
begedim robes.
behold! hinneh!
Beit Anyah House of Figs.
Beit Lechem Bethlehem, house of bread.
Beit Pagey Bethphage, house of early figs.
beit tefillah a house of prayer, Isaiah 56:7.
Belial Ba’al of pride
Belial, Beliar worthless swallower; the devil. 2 Cor 6:15.
ben athon the ‘son’ of a female donkey.
Ben Elohim the Son of Elohim.
ben, bnei son (of), my son, children of. 
Ben-Adam the Son of Man, one who ascends and descends the skies.
besora, basar news, announcement.
besorah echad one body (body one).
Bethlehem Beit Lechem.
Bethphage Beit Pagey
blessed baruch.
blessed rabbim, makarioi (G.).
blessing prayer b’rachah.
blood dam.
body, bodies besorah (basar), besorim.
bonim l’avot sons of your fathers or ancestors.
branch netzer.  Netzeret
branch-place Netzeret, the town.
bread lechem. 
breast-fed yanak.
breath, breaths ruach, ruachim
brother, brothers, my brother ach, achim, achi.
Caesar Kaesar (G.).
cakes is mistranslated as “locusts” (Matthew 3:5).
Capernaum K’far Nachum.
cave qebar.
centurion Roman soldier over a hundred or more troops.
Chai, Chaim life, live, living.
chamal another word for compassion or empathy.
chambermaster eunuch.
chametz yeast.  Along with sata / zata, types of satan.
chamor donkey.  
chana compassion
chata, chatot sin, sins, 1 Kings 14:16.
chatahah marriage.
chatan groom.
chatta, chattaim (khat-ah-EEM) mark-missers, Torah sinners
Chatta’ah sin
chazak! be strong! take courage!
chedvah joy, gladness, Nehemiah 8:10.
chereb, cherebim sword, swordsman, sword-bearing angels.
cherebim and yathedot swords and stakes.
cherub, cherubim sword, messengers with swords
child, children yelad, yeladim.
Chochmah Wisdom, often personified
cholēs (kho-lace, G.) green herb, Artemisia absinthium, absinthe, a narcotic poison.
Christ an Anointed One, a smeared one.
clean tahor.
clouds anamim.
Cohen Hagadol the High Priest, Annas or Caiaphas / Kayafa.
cohenim priest.
cohenim ha gadol high priests, who were tzadikim
cohort 480 soldiers.
colt ayir.
colt ben athon.
come! veni (L.) (WEN-ee).
compassion chana.
confidence in wealth mammon.
corban  a sacrifice; sacrifice money so that one may disown parents or the poor. 
Daleth Door
dam blood.
Dameshek Damascus
Davar Word, Logos
Davar ki your word
davar, davarim word, words
day, days yom, yomin.
day’s wage assarion
dead, the death met, ha mot.
derek, derekim road, roads, streets.
deus, dei deity, deities, a god, gods
devarim words, declarations.
devil Belial, Beliar, worthless swallower.
didrachma half-shekel, the temple tax.
Domine (L.) Master, “Lord” (L.).     
donkey chamor.  
donkey (colt) ayir.
donkey (female) athon.
drink shathah.
eben stone, rock, monument.
ebon, ebonim poor.  In the New Testament, “the Poor,” or Ebionites, were among the first to believe in Yahshua.
echad one, united; one begotten son
echad one, united, or first. echad also can mean eleven.  Genesis 32:22.
echad one, first, united
ed shaqer false witness, witnesses.  Exodus 20:16, Psalms 27:12.
egrophim fists.
Egypt Miztraim.
ehvel unrighteous, not following Torah
El Elyon an ancient title of YHWH - strongest of the strong ones
El hagadol  great power
El Shaddai an ancient title of YHWH - highest of the strong ones
El, Eloha, Elohim the common title of YHWH - the Strong or Mighty One
El, Elohim the title of Yahweh, meaning “Mighty One” – often plural indicating the family of spiritual beings.
El, Elohim, Elyon (AYL-oh-heem) Strong One, the most high Elohim
Elohim chaim (kah-EEM) the living El.
Elohim Mochin Great Mind
Elohim, ben Elohim the Almighty, son of the Almighty.
ema mother.
emet true, truth
emet truth.
empathy, compassion chamal.
Emuna faith
emunah faith, faithful, faithfulness.
enemy shatan.
enosh another word for man.
esh (aish) fire.
Et time
eunuch A man or boy whose testes have been removed or have never developed.  The Greek word means “Master of the Bedroom.”  Eunuch was also a synonym for one who is a faithful follower.  Esther 2:15.
eved, evedim slave, slaves. It is said that there is no word for slave  in Hebrew.  Eved means laborer.  
evil (ha) ra.
evil and lazy hara and atsal.
exactor tax collector (Latin)
eye, evil eye ayin, ayin hara.
face panim.
faith emunah.
false, false witness ed shaqer.
family mishpacha, genea / genea (Gr.).
faq (Aram.) Go to it!  Get out of here!
father, fathers, my father ava, avot, avi.
father, protector, husband gowra (A.).
father, their aviyem, abiyem.
feast mishteh.
Field of Blood hagel demach.
fire esh (aish).
fists egrophim.
foot, feet regel, raglaot.
forever, to the end of the age (h)‘olam va-ed.
foundation (ha) yesod.
friend hay’did.
friend rea.
fringes tzitziot.
gadol, hagadol great; the great, loud, strong, high
Galil Galilee, the northernmost province of Israel.
Galilee Galil.
gath wine press.
genealogy toledoth.
get out! Faq! (A.)
Gey-Hinnom sometimes translated “hell,” the Valley of (the Son of) Hinnom, Jerusalem’ s burning trash heap, south of the city wall. Hinnom also means mourning or lamentation.
Gibbor tyrant
gibbor, gibborim despot, despots (often used in a negative sense)
Gibborim the race of might monsters, offspring of angels and humans
gibor, giborim man of war, mighty hero, giant, beast, monster. Genesis 6:4.
girl talitha (A.).
girl, damsel, young woman almah.
go! vade (L.) (WAH-day).
god(s) elohim.
good news, “gospel” tov besorah.
governor hegemon (G. / L.).
gowra (A.) father, protector, or husband.
Goy, Goyim all people outside of Israel - dog, dogs
goyim the nations or heathen tribes.
graba  jar seller (Aramaic); potter. Not garba (leper). Simon was no leper, he was a potter.
great one, my rabbi.
great, great one rab, rabban, rabbi, rabboni.
groom chatan.
guard mishma’at, natzer.
Ha’aretz the ground, the land, the eart; specifically, the extent of Israel.
hagel demach or Akeldama (A.) Field of Blood.
Halakah an interpretation of the laws of the Scriptures
halakah community rules, "the walk" or "teaching"
halakah (ha-lah-kah). “On the way” or “on the road” originates from the Aramaic word, ‘hilkheta’ (the direction of the action) and the Hebrew word ‘holech’ (from the verb ‘to walk’). We combine the meanings. Hilkheta and Holech give us ‘Halakah,’ which means, ‘This is the way to go.’  So halakah has a distinctive double meaning: the road (or the way) and the discipline or law one is living.
half shekel didrachma.
hand yad.  
har mountain, hill.  Har Zayith
hara and atsal evil and lazy (slothful).
Harab sword
harlots zonot.
HaShatan Satan, the Adversary
hay’did friend, hah-yah-DEED.
head rosh.
heart lev.
heavens shamayim.
hegemon (G. / L.) a Roman legal authority or ruler.
Hekel the temple in Jerusalem
hekel temple; the temple in Jerusalem.
hell Gey-Hinnom, the Valley of Hinnom, Jerusalem’s trash heap.
Hellebore an attractive but poisonous flower
Herod Archelaus, Son of Herod the Great.
High Priest Cohen Hagadol.
high priests cohenim ha gadol.
hill har, ha har.
hinneh behold! or look!
hinneh look! behold!
hochmah or chochmah wisdom.
holy spirit Ruach ha Kodesh, Qodesh.
holy, set-apart qadosh, qodesh, kadosh.
Hosanna l‘Elohei Dawid Come and save us, Almighty of (King) David.
hoshana! Deliver us!
hour sha’ah, sha.
house master ba’al beit.
House of figs Beit Anyah.
house of prayer beit tefillah.
Hovah ruinous
in the beginning b’reishit l‘olam hazeh.
Ioue / Iove Jove, YHWH
ir, irim (Chaldee) watcher messenger, messengers
Isaiah Yesha’yahu.
ishah or nashah wife.
Israel Yisrael.
Iuno Juno
Iupiter Jupiter, Zeus
Ivrim Hebrews
J There is no equivalent for “J” in Hebrew, Latin, or Greek.  Why do you suppose so many “Bible” names start with “J”?
jar seller graba.
jealous ayin hara.
jealousy qana.
Jeremiah Yiremyahu.
Jerusalem  Y’rushalayim. 
Jesus Yahshua.
Jordan Yarden.
joy chedvah.
joy, take joy samach.
Judas Iscariot Y’huda the Dyer.
Judea Y’hudah.  
Judeans Y’hudaïm.
judge(s)  shofat, shofatim
justice tzedek.
K’far Nachum Nachum’s Helmet, Capernaum.
kadosh, qadosh, qodesh  set-apart, separate, devoted to something or someone. Traditionally translated “holy.”  
Kadoshim, Qadoshim set-apart, devoted ones
Kaesar (G.) Caesar, "KITE-czar."
Kahal the Congregation, the Called.
kahal, kahalim (1) place where people are called together, the assembly of believers; in Greek, synagogue. (2) flock of sheep. Zechariah 13:7.
kahal, kahalim, qahal the assembly, assemblies or congregation
kaph palm of the hand.
kavod radiance, esteem, glory
kavod radience, glory, fame, ‘shekinah.’
kavod, Kavod radiance, Shekinah, glory, fame, esteem
Kavod, kwod ha gadol  great honor, esteem, glory or radiance
Kayafa Caiaphas, the High Priest
Kefa Cephas, Peter - also Kepha (Aramaic)
Kefa Stony (Simeon Kefa
kefaim stones.
kerem vineyard.
kes, kisot throne.
keseph silver.  Zechariah 11:12,13?
Kethoneth priestly robe.
Khanokh, Chanoch (kuh-NUKE) Enoch, seventh from Adam
khokma (COKE-mah) wisdom, understanding; often personified.
kiddush Spirit baptism, moving on to perfection
king, kings melek, melekim.
Kingdom of Heavens Malkuth Shamayim.
Kisei throne
koach gadol great power (power great).
Kohen priest
Kohen haGadol  High Priest
kohen, kohenim priest, priests
kol ha kavod expression “all to the glory,” well done!
kol mishpachot all tribes.
kol yomim
Kol yomim all days, a long time, forever.
kolasis aionion (G.) pruning an age, correction for an age, punishment an age.
korem vinedressers.
L’olam va-ed like kol yomim, a long time, forever.
lamps naharim.  
Laodike Laodicea
law of Yahweh Torah.
leaven zumé (G.), sata(n) (H.),  chametz (H.).
Leb heart
lechem bread.
leper garba.
lev heart, bowel, mind, inner intelligence.
Levi levite, minister
living god (ha) Elohim chaim.
living, life  chai, chaim.
locusts should be “cakes” Matthew 3:5 in all traditional translations has a scribal error when moving from Aramaic to Greek.
love, beloved ahava.
lulay he'emanti This I Believe Ps. 27:13
magus, magoi (pl, from Farsi) seekers of truth by signs in the sky; astronomers and philosophers.
malach, malachim messenger or angel, often disguised as a man
Malachim haGadol Archangels, Seraphim
malkuth kingdom or nation
Malkuth Shamayim Kingdom of the Heavens
malkuth, malkuoth nations, kingdoms.
mammon (Chaldean) confidence; (Aramaic) wealth gotten from avarice.  Mammon did not achieve demonic status until the middle ages.
man enosh (another word for man).
mar, mara master (Aramaic).  The Maryah is the Aramaic designation of Yahweh.
marah 1) disobedience, rebellion. 2) bitterness.
Maran Atha (Aramaic) Come, O Master.
Mariamne Greek rendition of Mary.  This may well have been Magdala’s name correctly spelled.
marot & mashalim visions & parables or proverbs
marriage chatahah.
Mary Maryah (A.), Mariamne (G.), Maria (L.).
Maryah Aramaic name “Mary,” meaning “Sovereign (mar) Yahweh (Yah).”
mashal, mashalim parable, proverb, allegory.
Master Domine (L.)
master mar, mara.
Master in churchy language, “the L-rd,” meaning Yahshua.
master, masters adon, adonaïm, adonai.
Mattityahu Matthew
mattyah rod, pole, pike.  
mebakker, mevakre the highest authority in a congregation
Melech, Melechim  king, kings
melek, melekim king, kings
melek, melekim king, kings, rulers.
melek, melekim ruler, rulers (kings)
Meluqa reign, realm of authority, nation.
meod might, resources.
mercy chesed.
merkavah, merkavot a land or sky vehicle.
messenger(s) malach, malachim.
messiah Moshiach.
Mevakkerim & Evedim Kahal Overseers & Consecrated Servants.
might, resources, stuff meod.
mighty hero(s), giant, beast gibor, giborim.
Mighty One El, Elohim.
mikvah, mikvot ritual dunking or splashin in water
Milchamah war
miltha word (Ar.)
mind nephesh, inner being, soul, mind.
Miqvah, miqvot ritual cleansings.
mishma’at guard. 2 Samuel 23:23.
mishpacha genea, faily, tribe, kin - traditionally translated as 'generation'.
mishteh feast, banquet.  ben mishteh
mispah and shaal watch and pray (or ask).
Mitsrayim old term for part of Egypt
mitzvah, mitzvot rule, rules, commandments
Mitzvot commandments, ordinances
Miztraim Egypt.
Mochin mind
moed, moedim festival season; that is, Passover and Unleavened Bread; seasons.
moon yareach,
Moreh teacher
moreh, morim teacher, teachers of the Torah.
Moshe Moses
Moshiach Anointed as King, Messiah
Moshiach Messiah from the line of King David. Recent discoveries tell us that there was also the expectation of a suffering messiah who would rise from death in three days.  For more information, search “Hazon Gabriel.”
mot, met the dead, the death.
mother ema.
mountain (ha) har.
mustard zinapi, sinapi (G.).
Nabal fool
nagid, nagidim leader, president
naharim lamps.  
nakah strike.  
name, my name  shem, shemi.
nashah, nashim wife, wives.
Nassi leader
nation(s), kingdom malkuth, malkuoth.
Navi 'Emet, ha The True Prophet - a lost teaching rediscovered
navi, naviim prophet, prophets - those who see the future
navi, naviïm prophet, prophets.
Nazar keep, guard, consecrate
Nefesh life-force, soul, essence of life
nephesh inner being, soul, mind.
nephesh, nepheshim inner being, beings, souls
nephil, nephilim fallen, fallen ones
Nephilim the race of fallen angels
Ner light
Ner h’emet TrueLight
Ner Olam Ever-burning light
Neshamah life-force, soul or psyche
Neshamah Mind
Netzer Branch (Yeshayahu / Isaiah 11:1).
Netzeret Nazareth, place of the branch.
Netzerim, Notzrim Nazarene or Nazorean, the name of the sect lead by Yahshua, Ya’akov his brother, and Shaul (Paul) (Matthew / Mattyah 2:23, Acts 24:5).
nevuah prophecy
Nezer crown
ninth hour tisha shah.
Noach Noah
Noetic mindful, intelligent
oil shemem.
olam hazeh the present world as opposed to ‘olam haba, the world to come.
olam va-ed to the (end of the) age and onward; Greek, aiwnion, an age. This goes for most other passages traditionally translated “forever” or “forever and ever.”
olam va-ed timelessly
olives zayin.
one body besorah echad.
one, united, first, eleven echad.
ophanim messengers who watch and are full of eyes, same as irim
orach l’tzedaqa way of righteousness.
P’rushim and Tzadikim Pharisees and Sadducees.  These particular men were neither “set apart” or “righteous livers,” as the names of their groups suggest.
palm of the hand kaph.
panim face.
parable(s), proverb, allegory  mashal, mashalim.
Paraclete one who stay alongside to be an advocate or counselor
peace shalom.
people, the people (ha) am
Personae characters in the drama of life
Philippos Philip
phylactories tefilim.  
Pneuma Theou Spirit of Elohim (Greek)
pole, pike mattyah.
poor, poor ones ebon, ebonim.
power, great power koach gadol.
prayer tefillah.
prayer shawl or robe =tallit.
Preparation Pesach / Passover is the day of preparation for the first day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread (Matzah), a high day. Since days are from sundown to sundown, action would be taking place the day after the Passover meal, but before sundown.
Preparation, Pesach, Passover the day before the first day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread (Matzah).
priests cohenim.
prince, princes tsor, tsorim.
prophet, prophets navi, naviïm.
Prush, Prushim Pharisee, Pharisees
Pythagorians a cult of mathematicians founded around 500 B.C.
qadosh, qodesh, kadosh set-apart, separate, devoted to something or someone. Traditionally translated “holy.”
qadosh, qodesh, qadoshim set apart, set apart ones, saints
Qahal congregation
qana jealousy.
qebar / qebur / qebarim tomb, tombs, sepulchre.
Qol Shofar signaling voice of the ram’s horn or silver trumpet.
question sh’eilah
ra evil.
Ra’a evil
rab, rabban, rabbi, rabboni great, great one, greatest one.
rab, rabbi, rabbim great, my great one, great
rabbi great one, often referring to an authorized teacher
Rabbi great one, usually refering to a great teacher or leader
rabbi my great one or mighty one; not necessarily a teacher.
rabbim makarioi - congratulations, great!, blessed.
racham mercy.
radience, glory, fame kavod.
rahal sheep.
raqa “I spit on you,” (A.).
Rauch wind, spirit
rea friend.
regel, raglaot foot, feet.
remembrance zakar, zokar.
repent! repentence shuv! teshuvah.
repent, return, turn back! shuv! teshuvah!
rephaim angelic beings within human flesh; monsters, ogres, giants.
rex, regis king, king (Latin)
riddle sh’eilah.
righteous, righteous ones tzadik, tzadikim.
righteousness tzedaqa.
Righteousness fulfilling the ordinances of the Torah on Life’s Road.
road derek.
robe of scarlet beged tola.
robes begedim.
rock (1) tzur, (2) eben (stone).
Roeh Tov Good Shepherd
rohe shepherd.
rosh head;
rosh hashana head of the year, the 10th day of the seventh month.
ruach spirit
Ruach haKodesh Set-apart or Devoted [Holy] Spirit
Ruach, Ruach haQodesh spirit, holy spirit.
ruach, ruachim wind(s), spirit(s), breath(s).
ruach, ruachim spirit, spirits
s’mikhah credentials or authority.
Sabbath Shabbat.
sacrifice corban. 
Sadducees Tzadikim.
samach joy, take joy!
Samaria Shomron.
Sapientia Wisdom personified as a female (Latin)
Sar cohenim chief priests (princes).
sar, sarim prince, princes
sata sata (G.) a measure of 3 gallons; 9 gallons altogether.
save yashah.
scarlet zerah.
scribes, secretaries, scriveners sofrim.
sea, waters yam, mayam.
season(s), festivals moed, moedim.
seed, seeds  zerah, zerayim.
seer(s), “wise men” magus, magoi (pl. from Farsi).
seraph, seraphim burning messenger, messengers
servant shamash.
seven, seventy-seven shiva, shivim va shiva.
sh’eilah question, riddle.
sha’ah moment or hour.
Shabbat the sabbath. In the west, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.
shachah to bow and show humility and awe; to worship or honor.
Shachath abyss, pit, death
Shaddai the Strong One; an overpowerer, able to loose or destroy
Shai gift
Shalit ruler
shalom peace, security, restfulness.
Shalom pause, peace, a greeting.
shalom  (1) peace; (2) a greeting.
shamah hear with the intention of doing - be obedient.
shamash servant.  The shamash is also the 9th candle of Hanukkah.  
shamaya, shamayim sky, skies; heaven, heavens
Shamayim skies, heavens, the invisible heaven
Shamayim skies, or realm or dimension of the Elohim.
shamayim heavens, skies, “the waters above.”
Shamayim skies. In churcy language, “heaven, heavens.”
Sharathim ministers, servants
shatan adversary, enemy; Satan.
shatan, shatanim adversary, enemies, (satan)
shathah drink.  
Shaul Paul of the Bible
sheep rahal.
shekel, Jewish stater
shem, shemi name, my name.  His name is Yahshua, meaning Yahweh saves.
shema, shema’eni listen, listen and do! Listen to me!
shemem oil.
Shemesh haChaim Sun of Life
shemesh, yareach, kochavim sun, moon, stars.
Sheol netherworld or pit of death
sheol the pit, the place of the dead
shepherd roeh.
Sheqer false, lying.
shesh shah, tisha shah sixth and ninth hours, with the hours beginning at 6 AM
Shimeon, Simeon Kefa's name; Acts 15:14, 2 Peter 1:1
Shimon Magus Simon Magus. Acts 8:9
shiva, shivim va shiva seven, seventy-seven.
shlichim emissaries or apostles.
Shlichim, Neviïm & Morim apostles, prophets, and teachers.
shloshet yomin three days.
shloshim thirty.
shnayim nashim two men.
shnayim, shney, shnei second, two.
shofar tekiah ha gadol long, loud trumpet (horn / shofar) blast (horn blast the great).  
shofat, shofatim judge(s).
Shofet judge or rabbi
shofet, shoftim ruler and judge
sholiac, shlichim emmisary, apostle, office of Apostle
Shomar guard, aramaic
Shomron Samaria.
Shomron, Shomronim Samaria, Samaritan, Samaritans
shtayim nashim two women.
shteim?esrei  the twelve.
Shua, yeshua rescue, save, deliver
shuv! turn back, return, repent!  See teshuvah.
Silah, Selah a connection or segue from one phrase or person to another
silver keseph.
Simcha, Gila, Oneg joy
sins, sinners chattaïm.
sisters achiyot.
sitos / zitos ????? (G.) wheat; probably spelt.
sixth hour shesh shah.
skies shamayim
slave(s), laborer eved, evedim.
sofrim scriveners, writers, scribes, recorders, secretaries; a class of such.  
soldier centurion (L.).
soldiers cohort (L.)
Son of Elohim Ben Elohim.
sons (children) of Elohim b’nai, bnei Elohim.
sons of the kingdom b’nai malkuth.
sons of your fathers bonim l’avot.
Sophrim secretaries, scribes, journalists of religion
soul nefesh, neshamah.
spirit, holy Ruach ha Kodesh.
spirit, spirits ruach, ruachim.
spit raqa (A.).
stake mattyah.
stake, staked out yathed.
Standing Ones the world’s existence depends on them, (James the Just).
stars  kochavim.
stater one Jewish shekel.
stone see rock.
street, road derek.
strike nakah.  
sukkot booths, tents, skins, as for the feast of booths / tabernacles.
sun shemesh. 
sword, swordsman chereb, cherebim.
swords and stakes cherebim and yathedot.
Tahara complete purity, physically and ritually
tahor cleansed (of leprosy).
talent equivalent to 100 pounds of silver or 200 pounds of gold.
talitha (A.) young girl.
tallit prayer shawl or priestly robe.
Talmidim colleagues in learning Torah; students
Talmidim official students of the Torah under a teacher
Talmidim of Yochanan the followers of John the Baptist
Tanakh The books of what we call The Old Testament
tare, a type of zizania (G.)
tax farmer telónai (G.).
teacher, teachers moreh, morim.
tebel the world.
tefillah prayer.
tefillim phylactories; this word also roots in prayer – “they enlarge the content of their prayers.”  
tekton Gr. meaning builder or architect.
telónai (G.) tax farmers.  They collected taxes for a percentage.
ten thousand aseret alafim.
tenth day of the seventh month rosh hashana.
tents, booths, tabernacles, skins sukkot.
Teshuvah contrition, repentance
teshuvah return to Father YHWH through repentance
teshuvah repentance, a turning around, a turning back to Torah, a changing of the mind. shuv!
tevet betulim  ten virgins
tevillah, tevillim a dunking, immersion, baptism
thirty shloshim
Thoma Thomas
three days shloshet yomin
throne(s), seat kes, kisot.
Todah Rabbah Great Thanksgiving, the Communion, Eucharist.
toledoth genealogy; a list of ‘begats.”
tomb, tombs qebar / qebur / qebarim.
Torah the ordinances given Moshe on Sinai
Torah the instruction of Yahweh found in Exodus through Judges.
Torah the ordinances of Yahweh found in the Penteteuch.
Tov good
tov besorah good news
Tov Besorah good news; in churchy language, ‘the G-spel.”
tribes of heathens (ha)goyim.
truly, it is true! amein.
trumpet loud blast shofar tekiah ha gadol
truth emet.
tsor, tsorim princes, rulers, “czars.”
tsviot hosts, armies.  Yahweh Tsviot
twelve shteim?esrei
two men shnayim nashim
two women shtayim nashim
two, second shnayim, shney, shnei
tzadik, tzadikim (1) righteous man or men, a priest of the sect of the Nazoreans, also known as The Poor. (2) The Sadducees, leaders of the temple, who called themselves “righteous” as though they were.
tzadik, tzadikim, tzedekah righteous, righteous ones, righteousness
tzedaqa righteousness
tzedek, chesed, emunah justice, mercy, faith.
tzitziot the wings of the robe, the fringes.
tzur rock / granite, or Rock, a title of YHWH.
uxor (Latin) wife.
Uzi Power
vade, veni (L.) (WAH-day, WEN-ee ; Latin), GO!  COME!
vinedressors korem.
vineyard karem.
virgins, ten tevet betulim.
walk halakah.
watch and pray mispah and shaal.
way orach. 
weed, a type of zizania (G.)
well done! kol ha kavod.
wheat / spelt sitos / zitos / sitoV (G.)
wife, wives nashah, nashim, ishah, uxor (L.).
wind, winds ruach, ruachim.
wine yayin.
wine press gath. 
words, declarations devarim.
world (ha) tebel.
worship shachah.
Y’huda the Dyer the most plausible solution to the enigmatic transliteration Judas Iscariot. Other solutions: the sicari, the assassin, the man of Kerioth, etc.
Y’hudah Judea.  
Y’hudaïm people of Judea.
Y’rushalayim Jerusalem. 
Ya’akov ha Zaddik James (Jacob) the Just, brother of Jesus
Ya’akov ha’Alef James (Jacob) the Priest
Ya'akov Jacob, James
yad hand.  
Yahad an exclusive assembly of believers in YHWH
Yahad those who are together on Life’s Road; those in one accord.
Yahrushalayim Jerusalem
Yahshua correction of the traditional English “Jesus.”  Yahshua means “salvation” or “deliverance  of Yahweh.”
Yahud, Yahudaïm Jew, Jews
Yahweh the concensus pronunciation of the Almighty’s Sacred Name.
yam (mayam) sea or waters.
yanak breast-feeding, or  the infant who breast-feed.
Yarden Jordan (River).
yashah save, the meaning of the name Yahshua.
yathed stake / staked out.
yayin wine (oinos in Greek).
yeast zumé (G.), sata(n) (H.),  chametz (H.).
yeast, leaven chametz.
Yehosef, Yahosef Joseph
yelad, yeladim, yeladim-ha-a’am child, children, the children of humankind
yeladim small children.
Yericho Jericho
Yesha’yahu Isaiah.
yeshua deliverance, salvation, resuce and related words
yeshua, shua save, rescue, salvation.
Yesod the mystical “foundation” of all things.  Psalm 78.
YHWH Creator's name, often pronounced Yahweh, Yahuweh
YHWH the Tetragrammaton abbreviating the Sacred Name Yahweh / Yahuweh.
Yiremyahu corrected transliteration of “Jeremiah.”
Yisrael Israel.
Yisrael, Yisraelim Israel and those of Israel
Yochanan John
yom, yomin day, days.
Yosef bar Naba Joseph Barnabas
yud and tagin jot and tittle, a small letter and a mark from Hebrew
Zacchai Zacchaeus, the wee little man
Zaddikim first meaning: the Sadducees, lovers of fame
Zaddikim second meaning: the Zadokites, righteous followers of Torah
zakar, zokar remembrance. Zachariah means ‘remembrance of Yah.’
zaken, zakenim elder, elders, "beards"
zayith Olivette.
Zebah sacrifice
Zebah, Zebahim sacrifice, sacrifices of animals
zedekah righteousness, justice, Torah observance
zerah 1) scarlet, 2) genetic seed or germ
zerah, zerayim (1) seed or germ. Notable it is that the word “seed” (sperma (G.), zerah, zerayim) is never used in the mashal, only “that which is sown.”  (2) zerah
zinapi, sinapi (G.) the proper term for a certain variey of mustard: a small seed produces a large plant.
zizania (G.) a grass-like wild rice considered a weed or tare.
Zohar good will or intention
zonot harlots.
zumé (G.) / sata / chametz yeast. Along with sata / zata, all types of satan.



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