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123007 Sestains of Destiny - The Abraham Path Initiative - Prophetic Verses, Isaiah 10 20

042407 Making Shabbat / Sabbath at Home | The Celtic Cross and the Altar Boy

022707 Supporting the Troops but Not the War: Our Armed Forces in Salvation History

121906  Gene Kobes, a local Tallahassee Christian activist, on the second advent of our Messiah

101606  Feast of Trumpets | Motivational Gifts | Gifts & Graces Ezine

100106 Day of Atonement / Days of Awe: How to Keep the Set-apart Day at Home

081606 Hebraic Heritage and Communion: So That Both Will Be Preserved

072406 Today yes, TODAY in Prophecy (War with Lebanon) | The Secret Presence, Psalm 31

071506 Don Esposito on Discipleship - Pnama City Congregation by Marcelle Logue

071606 Middle East Events and Millennial Israel The Joshua Triangle (illustration)

062006 Feast of Weeks | The Lost Years of 'Jesus' | Haiti Adventure

051506 Curious Cross-shaped Ruin in Manhattan | Ahmadinejad's Altar Call

042906 What the Apostles Thought and Taught | EloHymns Psalms midi music sample links

041406 An Earlier, Hebraic Acts of the Apostles | The Jesus Family Tomb

041306 Recommendations on Study and Learning Literature, Most Free

030806 Intention and Decision-making: The Beautiful Garden of Rotting Endless Possibilities

022306 The Cause of Suffering and the Promise of Deliverance

021406 Five Passages to Change One's Mind About Everything Religious

020806 You Cannot Practice What You Do Not Know

020306 Sabbath Prayer from Fiddler on the Roof

011306 Phil Snyder Haiti Kidnap Ordeal | Cite Soleil: Slum Maze

010806 Does YHWH Want Sharon Dead?  |  The Ark of the Coincidence


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