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PrintPrint Friendly        Nazarene Israel Assembly, Vero Beach Yahad, Sebastian, Ft. Pierce, Melbourne, Florida

Member Nazarene Yisrael Alliance


"Netzari" refers to "those of the branch"; the branch being Yahshua b. Maryah

"Yahadim" means "in togetherness" or "with those who are one."

"Virtual" means that, though we assemble frequently, the Yahad reaches out to all the like-minded.

The Virtual address for the Netzari Yahad is or

Check out What We Believe and How We Practice Our Belief

Vero Beach | Ft. Pierce | Sebastian Florida

Erev Shabbat, 7 PM - 8:30 PM  (Fridays)

             This is a short, liturgical service followed by in-depth, roundtable-style Scripture training.

Yom Shabbat, 3 PM - 4:30 PM (Saturdays)

              This is a short study of liturgy followed by a "chorus of breath prayers." 

Our facility is located in Tabernacles Ministries and is open most days of the week for prayer, and library & internet access.

Meeting location:

   Tabernacles Ministries

   Education Annex
   Left - South Building - The River Room
   51 Old Dixie Highway 
   Vero Beach, FL 32962-3592

Mailing address:

   c/o Jackson Snyder

   7300 20th St., Lot 410

   Vero Beach, FL 32966


About the Teacher - Jackson Snyder


Some Explanations

For the Newcomer: General Affirmation of Belief and What the Yahadim are Not

Facts About the Meaning of the Word "Nazorean" (Netzarim)

The Seventy Book Canon and the Seventy-two Book Older Canon: This is the canon of the Sinaitic Manuscript, which we follow.


Breath Prayer / Chorus of Prayer

We Try to Practice This Method in our Seasons of Prayer

Centuries ago, some considered this “breath of life” in a memorable way. Prayer was a breathing exercise. “As you inhale,” they taught, “thank Yahweh for the gifts given you for today. As you exhale, tell Yahweh how you are going to use those gifts.”  For example, breathe in and say, “Father, thank you for my daily needs.” Breathe out and say, “Father, strengthen me to do your will.” Breathe in and pray, “Father, thank you for acquitting me.”  Breathe out and pray, “Father, help me acquit others.”  Someone in the early monastic community wrote, “Let every breath be a prayer.”

An easier example of using the breath to pray is the “mercy prayer.” Breathe in and pray, “Yahweh, have mercy” (Kyrie / Yahweh eleison).  Breathe out and pray, “Yahshua, have mercy” (Christe / Messiah eleison).  These phrases are worth memorizing in the Greek, then they can easily be prayed all day, all night, just by breathing.  (Please do not give in to the superstition that everything Greek is pagan.) We call it a “Breath Prayer” because each is a prayer, praise or utterance that can be spoken in but one breath. We call it a “Chorus” because all in the Yahad are active in doing breath prayers either at the same time or taking turns.


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