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Your Servants

The following titles are NOT of Authority. The only authority here is the Teacher of Righteousness. These are Essene titles of Responsibility. Because these people take their responsibilities as sacred to fulfill them, there is no need for an authoritarian or pope. NOR are these titles of pomp or grandeur, but of slavery to our common Master and Teacher, and Servant to those who will express their need.


Mvqr. = Mevaqqre: roughly an Overseer or Bishop - ordained

Shol. = Sholiach: roughly, an Apostle, Evangelist or Missionary - ordained

Zach. = Zachen: an Elder and Decision-maker - ordained

Azar = Azar: an Administrator – ordained or not

Shot. = Shoter: a Deacon or Servant – ordained or not


Maskil Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II, The Vero Yahad (FL)

Networking, Correspondence & Fund-raising

Mvqr. Daniel ben Regesh, The Yahad of East Tennessee (TN)

Pastoral Care, Policy, Ordination & Leadership

Zach. Marcelle C. Logue, Knoxville (TN)

             Women's and Children's Ministries

Zach. Valerie Mangeot, Douglas Essene Ministries (GA)

Secretary & Treasurer

Shol. Harold Lee Hayhurst, The Vero Yahad (FL)

Apostle, Librarian, Security

Zach. Kohen Allyson Moore Gary, Festival Administrator (VA)

Liturgy & Worship, Camping Ministries & Festival Coordination

Zach. Kohen Yochanan Governor Staten, The Yahad of East Tennessee (TN)

Liturgy & Worship, Research & Aid to Rev. ben Regesh

Zach. Jackie Ray Boshers, Yahad at Large (TN)

Didactics, Theology & Evangelism

Shot. Kenneth Kimmons, Yahad at Large (SC)

Diaconal Minister / Ministry

Shot. Deborah Wilson, Yahad at Large (MO)

Diaconal Minister / Ministry

Yahad Approved Teachers June, 2019: Speakers' Bureau

Ounieh Andrew Carlson - Apocrypha / Pseudepigrapha
Allyson Gary - Cantor
Yachanan Staten - Cantor
Jackie Ray Boshers - Righteousness
Daniel ben Regesh - Conviction to do Good
Michael Romano - Calendar & Gematria
Gregory Smith - Devotionals
Frank Houtz - Science of Scripture
Rich Cook - Current Events & Activism
Jeremy LaDuke - The Afterlife
LaVern Gooding - Essene Technology
Liz McGee - Kabbalah
Jackson Snyder - History and TheologyDiaconal Minister / Ministry




The Neo-Enochian Connection 2019

Vero Yahad Codes of Faith and Conduct

November 12 - December 25, 2018

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Document 1, Definitions, Concepts and Rules

Document 2, A Religious, Educational Organization


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Essenes / Enochians

Theological Categories

The Torah

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The Connection (new)

Two Spirits, Two Ways

Prophecy & Apocalyptic

Handling Disputes

Membership (new)

Free Will, Predestinarianism


Worship of Angels


Good v. Evil (new)




Two Houses


Veganism & Vegetarianism


Cosmic Vow



The Son of Man

Sacrifices & Their End




Afterlife Resurrection



Neo-Enochian Essenism

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Essenes / Enochians

They are the same; however, it is thought that Enochians predated other Essene Sects, such as the “Qumran Essenes,” Sicarii & Jewish Christians. The literature written by these later movements may or may not be Enochian, especially considering that the Qumran Essene literature (beginning with the Damascus Document and Community Rule) contradict the earlier literature in many places. Enochian Judaism originated sometime before 300 BC.

  There were three basic forms of Judaism at that time - Enochian, Zadokite and Samaritan. Factions of Enochian Judaism and Zadokite Judaism merged soon before the Hasmoneans took power (165 BC) - and the consequent events (known as the Maccabean Crisis) split Judaisms into several factions, the most prominent of which were Samaritanism, Hellenistic Judaism, Sadduceeism, Pharisaism, Essenism and Qumran Judaism. (We find the Enochians and Essenes referred to by one of their favorite appelations in the Maccabees; that is, Hasideans.)

  In the 1st century AD and the coming and going of Judah the Galilean, Messianic fervor was in the air, culminating in several movements, the best known of which was of course the “Jesus Movement,” which appears to be born out of both Esseneism and / or Qumran Judaism, depending on which expert you consult. With the end of Jerusalem in 70 AD, Qumran, Sadduceeism and Hellenistic Judaisms faded away as Essenes, Zadokites and some Samaritanists merged into Christianity. Soon after, Phariseeism evolved into the notable Judaism of today - Rabbinical Judaism.

  And today, eons later, there exists Rabbinical Judaism in several forms and Christianity in tens of thousands of forms.

  It is the intention of the Yahad to renew and restore the best of Enochian, Qumranite and “Jesus Movement” Judaisms, all of which are otherwise extinct, by teaching origins, promoting original texts via social media and practicing, as best as we are able, the Way prescribed in the Acts of the Apostles and the Nazarene Acts of the Apostles - all the best of the best of the best of all Judaic religions - and those injunctions derived from such and found in this book of obligations.


Theological Categories

Enochians are Dualistic & Henotheistic - There is a power of perfection and a power of evil; perhaps there are many more powers we are not so aware of - this is dualism. Ultimate power is with the Creator, who is perfect - though there may be other powers such as the Adversary, devils, demons, angels, demigods, gods. Much of the Torah does NOT reflect this understanding of religion, yet we DO find it in full bloom in the Scrolls and New Testament.



Enochians are well aware of the propensity of Messiahs in the first two centuries AD. Of these, one contestant remains, and that is Yahshua Mashiach (4 BC - 33 AD). Several aspects of his Messiahship appeal to us. 1) His legacy has lasted despite every attempt to either destroy it or degrade it; the world has used every means to destroy it and the Church every means to degrade it. 2) Yahshua as Messiah undoubtedly returned from death and has been seen by tens of thousands or otherwise has affected the lives and rebirthed the spirits of millions. 3) The true light of the world has shown through the din and shadows of an evil world, and we have perceived it, for he has tabernacled among us. 4) If there is a spiritual world, Yahshua’s way, teachings, prophetic word and contemporary endowments of power have bestowed supernatural signs upon us that are undeniable. 5) The incredible and complete fulfillment of his predictions for 70 AD - 40 years in advance - such prediction is so far above human ability that there is no other explanation except that he is indeed the Son of Man as he claimed. We believe Yahshua is Son of Man and Messiah of all Israel - and our Messiah - and soon-coming King to rule and reign in the similitude of King David.


The Torah

Neo-Enochians hold the Torah in high esteem (insofar as it is correctly translated from the earliest documents). A large portion of the “Law of Moses” can no longer be kept as written (i. e., that which requires the Temple at Jerusalem), though even these commandments may be useful in formulating right and wrong for today (i. e., the collection and distribution of money). We attempt to keep the Torah as well as we are able. Keeping the Torah means that we have nothing to fear from other Torah-centric colleagues, and they have nothing to fear from us. The minimum requirements of Torah are our requirements as well; such are plain enough that we need no outside interpreters such as Rabbinical judgments or so-caled “Oral Torah,” though, at times, such may be called in during adjudication when a witness is attempting to clarify a testimonial.


Connection (new)

“Connection” refers to the Yahad network, composed of leaders, members, affiliates and friends. One need not be a dues-paying member to be in the Connection. Those in the Connection make their time, talents, gifts and services available to other in the Connection when needed. For instance, a person in the connection has an auto accident a certain place. She may arrange lodging at the home of another, local person in the Connection while the details of the accident are managed (up to three days and nights). If one in the connection has an urgent financial need, others in the Connection will donate toward that expense. If one in the Connection needs the skilled help of another in the Connection, the first may rely on the help of the second. A listing of those in the Connection, and the extent to which they are connected may be made available on a private page in the Yahad website.

              Classes of the Connection: (1) leaders ($20 per month dues paid), (2) members ($17.50 per month), affiliates (those with ministries that use the Yahad as a covering organization) (dues negotiable) and friends (no dues required, but adherence to the rules of the Connection).


Memberships and Services (new)

The benefits and obligations of membership are described in another document, which is found at this link. Also see “Connection,” above. All members are urged to connect on Shabbat for the 11 AM ET online service. Attendance protocols: download and install the ZOOM meeting client from When service time arrives, surf to to be connected. Or you may attend by phone by dialing (408) 638-0968 and entering Meeting ID 240-482-4530.


Documentation (new)

Documentation for all other facets of the Yahad is found at the website, then click the “DOCS) tab. The Rules of the Yahad are to be found in the Lamp document and in the various core literature of the group, especially the Didachē.



Essenes, Enochians, Nazoreans and the rest all believed in eventual salvation (rescue from the wrath of YHWH to come) by both faith and works. In fact, faith is thought to be comprised of works - faithfully doing Torah and mitzvaot. Faith alone, without works, is dead, says one of the guiding lights of the movement. In James’ disputation with Paul (James 2,3 compared with Galatians 2,3), it appears to be more logical that if faith doesn’t inspire works, how can one expect to lead a life worthy of eternity? Would a person who has faith yet is worthless (in the sense of useless) possibly be permitted entrance into the hall of saints? Does Messiah anywhere give an example of anyone that may enter the marriage without proper clothing? Consider a definition of faith based on the icomium of Hebrews 11.


Two Spirits, Two Ways

According to several notices in both Enochian literature and early Jewish Christian literature, people are endued with two ‘spirits.’ We don’t see these as outside sources or entities unto themselves, but more like ‘attitudes’ or ‘tendencies.’ One is to do good and one is to do evil. These attitudes are internal combatants subordinate to the will of the person who can choose the advice of either. The hope is that the person will choose the good. Likewise, we are taught that there are Two Ways - the way of good and Life and the way of evil and Death. Again, one must choose to stay on one or the other. Those on the way to Life must by all means keep on that way. Human discipline is required! Those adjudicated by peers as going from the path of Life unto Death are to be reminded of what they had originally chosen and turn back. Those on the way of death we are neither to teach or tell. Our job is to reveal the Elect - those on the way of Life - and join with them in their mission. Because, as a tool of Belial, social intercourse with such will eventually lead to betrayal. The exception to this is when we are absolutely positive that we are being drawn toward such a person by the Ruach ha Qodesh for a higher purpose. And even with such drawing, bad company ruins good morals.


Free Will, Predestinarianism

The Enochian documents and most of the early Jewish Christian documents make it clear that human beings have free will - even those in slavery have some freedom to choose their moral behavior. Quranian documents speak of strong predestinarianism, that people have no other choice than to follow a prearranged script; every move they make is programmed. Surely this doctrine was one of the pry bars separating the Qumraneans from the Enochians. Our literature speaks of limited predestinarianism - that the soteriological plan of Elohim unfolding through the ages will assuredly come to pass at its terminal point, yet that the plan is vast enough and rich enough to allow sentient creatures a right to choose in every situation that arises. We reject the ‘scientific’ notion that we are but biological machines; slaves to our chemical / electrical systems and circuits. We also reject the double-predestinarianism of reformed Christians who would claim we are each bound before we are even born to either heaven or ‘hell,’ which they refer to as “God’s Plan.”



This is also called Replacement Theology. Essenes, Enochians, Qumraneans and Nazoreans all would condemn the idea that the Israel and Judah of the Bible has been replaced by Spiritual Israel, i. e. the Christian Church. Though there are some indications of this thought in the New Testament, not all New Testament books either agree nor are they all Jewish Christian. Supersessionism is a grave error proposed by Paul in Galatians followed by Justin Martyr in the early second century and reiterated by several of the Church Fathers (so-called). In modern times, virtually all contemporary popes and Protestant leaders have adopted this doctrine, claiming the Church now to have the full rights and privileges (but not curses) of the Israelites of the Bible. Enochian and Nazorean Judaism would never accept such a belief, and neither do we. The admonitions of Elohim to all Israel are to be appropriated by all people as long as they have been faithful in observing YHWH’s ordinances and thus have become a part of the “mixed multitude” grafted into Israel (Exo 12:38) of Israel, as spoken of in the Hebrew Scriptures.


Two Houses

Statement 1: Isaiah 8 &14 - there are two houses of Israel, the first being Judah - a remnant of which is to return to the “land” and were, in fact, returning to that land at the time of the prophecy. The second house, Ephraim, composed of the “lost tribes of Israel” (outside of Judah, Benjamin and parts of Levi), are to return to the “land” in a second wave of remnants at some supposed future time. We consider ourselves to be a part of both houses. Regarding blood, there is no viable way to determine who is a Jew or Israelite. We do not condemn Judah (the Jews) for not accepting Two House Theology. However, to avoid what has become a point of much division, the Enochian Judaism we are involved in may only accept members that hold to the Two House understanding, which is, as we reiterate, the plain teaching of the prophet. (We do not accept “Blood Line Theology” as a valid proof of one’s heritage, whether saint or sinner.)

              Statement 2: We Understand and affirm the “Two Houses” of Israel “Ephraim and Judah” and how the birthright/blessings of the Firstborn were spilt up by Jacob in Gen 49. Their related destinies in fullfilling the plan of HaShem for the Reunification of All Israel are being, have been and will be fullfilled. It began with the onset of “Messiah ben Joseph” (Yeshua ha Machiach) and will reach its fullfilment with the return of “Messiah ben David” which will also usher in the Millennial Reign and the Sabbath rest for the people of Elohim. We are committed to understanding this past, present and future in TRUTH. The prophetic, geographic, historic and genetic makeup of the Two Houses is an exciting revelation that the Ruach ha Kodesh is revealing in these last days to ALL with ears to hear and eyes to see.

              We understand the stumbling block that evangelizing the Jews presents in the Reconciliation Process between Judah and Messianic 10-Israel and the extensive damage done to the Jewish people over the centuries by attempts to convert them to Christianity. We affirm that to Judah was given the Sceptre and the Oracles and we are committed to studying out and “making straight” again all the roadblocks to being one with our “Older Brother” in the One True Faith of YHWH.


Prophecy & Apocalyptic (new)

Scriptural prophecies and apocalypses are different genres of literature and must both be interpreted in this light. Prophetic literature includes the 12 prophets of the Tanakh. Apocalyptic literature is comprise of Daniel, Zechariah, 4 Esdras, 3 Baruch and the Revelation, including many passages in scrpiture of different genres. Prophecy tells of events in the future from the time they were written. Apocalyptic tells the events that are happening contemporaneously with the writer, couched in prophetic terminology. These contexts need to be considered before one can begin to interpret them.


Lifestyles, Genders, Sexuality and Deviations

Ours is an equal opportunity ministry. Each gender may progress equally. Members are expected to maintain personal habits conducive to bodily health, mental and emotional maturity, integrity in all personal relationships, fidelity in heterosexual marriage and celibacy in singleness. There will be no derogation based on gender, ethnicity, race, color or theological nuances - such practices are strictly forbidden. One simply cannot be effective in any ministry and live in contempt of the Torah (Pentateuch) - and thus bring shame upon other members of the Connection.


Seedlines, 2 Theories, Origins of Evil, Good v. Evil (new)

Theories of the origins of evil:

              1. Human beings have, whether by their own inducement or under the powers of demonic forces, participated in “forbidden mixtures” throughout history and unto today. An early incursion was the introduction of a hybrid race whose first offspring was Cain, perhaps the child of Eve and the Serpent, who's bloodline is with us to this day.

              2. Another theory is that, in the first creation story (Genesis 1), humankind was manufactured without a spiritual component, and were, in fact, spiritless humans. The first couple, Adam and Eve, were especially made, set apart from the rest of humankind, formed by the hand of YHWH, and in-breathed as to bring alive the human spirit, lacking in the first generation. Outside the seed of Adam, humankind is longing for the infilling of a spirit, and many are instilled with a spirit contrary to the faith of Elohim.

              Whatever your understanding of the origins of evil, in may be in fact that there are many origins of evil - as many as one can think of. Evil is all about us, yet we victoriously live among the evil, though we who are elect (as evidenced by Torah-observance, respect of Yahshua and love for our fellows) are not of this evil. FOr there are two ways: the way of darkness and evil and the way of light and perfection. We desire the narrow way to life. This is but an introductory manuscript; more of our ideas, based in the ancient writings, may be discovered in our recordings.

              Elohim is not the author of evil nor is Elohim involved in evil; origins of evil include Genesis 2 (manipulation), 6 (Nephilim, Gibborim) & 11(usurping of authority). There are four degrees of goodness (or lack thereof): (1) Perfection: the will of Elohim; (2) Goodness: behaviors in obedience to Torah, whether of Elohim or not; (3) Badness: the natural behaviors of animals; departures from one’s knowledge of good; acting in ignorance of good; (4) Evil: deliberate behaviors against life and good. That which is good is seldom perfect. That which is bad is seldom evil. While we work through layers of goodness, our goal is the perfection of the Father’s will and his love. We cannot often help it that we are bad - it is the way of nature. But we can certainly avoid evil, and at all costs; because evil is like quicksand. The more one struggles, the more one is sucked in.


Handling Disputes

All disputes among leaders and members must come before the Inquiry. A scriptural method is given us to dissolve disputes - those in disputes are to speak to one another toward resolution. If that isn’t sufficient, then the dispute will be settled by the Spirit through the procedure of the Inquiry, which is described fully in Matthew 18:15-17 (see this for full explanation). No dispute is ever rightly settled in this movement by avoidance, or intermediation of those other than the disputees, or in secret meetings. Henceforth those who are not directly involved in personal disputes will not serve as advocates, spiritual guides, in telephone canvassing, or any such behavior. Such disputes need to be dealt with immediately by only the parties involved. After that, the Inquiry with the intervention of the Spirit through the Bachar should be plenty sufficient. (Put this in LAMP)



 A sacrament is something done in faith in the physical world that makes a change toward holiness and favor in the spiritual. There may be many such sacraments in ritual and mundane practice. Sacraments are the doorways to miracles; the pathways to greater faith with the outpouring of greater favor. “Qaddosh-things.” Such are “means of greater grace.” Sacraments are not such when merely done out of duty. They must be done intentionally, either through common praxis or worshipful ritual. Means of greater grace (sacraments), when properly executed, include the laying on of hands in ordination, Eucharist / Communion / Master’s Supper, Marriage pronouncements, worship services, foot washings, baptisms.



There is no “canon” per se; rather, lists of texts. * these need to be qualified. The following A lists are recommended, but may or may not be inspired in the whole. The B lists are useful.

Pre-1BC, A list: Enoch (Ethiopic) (Watchers, Astronomical, Dream Visions, Giants), Aramaic Levi*, Jubilees, Temple Scroll, Enoch Proto-Epistle, Zadokite Literature (i. e. Tanakh)

Post-1BC, A list: Enoch (Epistle, Similitudes), the Pesherim, the Fragments (from DSSU)*, the Testaments*, the Gospels, the NT Hebraic Epistles, The Epistle to the Hebrews / QMMT*.

Authentic Documents: Teaching of the Twelve, Nazarene Acts, Epistle of Barnabas, Odes, etc.

Pre-1BC, A list: Greek Apocrypha*, “Jewish Pseudepigrapha,” etc.

Post-1BC, B list: Damascus Document, Community (Yahad) Rule, the MMT, Hodayot, DSS Qumran Sectarian Literature, Pauline Literature, Pseudo-Paulines, Psalms of Solomon, Ante-Nicene Fathers Vols. I & VIII, Martyrdom of Isaiah, etc.

Other literature: Much of Christian or Judaic Gnostic Literature is of little value except as it give us historical or theological clues working backward in time to its more ancient predecessor. A few work, arguably Gnostic, we find helpful; such as Ptolemy, Silvanus, Philip (Gospel & Acts), Thomas (Gospel and Acts), Judas (Gospel) etc.


Definition of Sin

Committing acts contrary to the Torah, contrary to Life, contrary to Love. Or omitting the perfect way for the good, the bad or the evil. We are bound to take others into consideration in our personal dealings, and better, take our Master’s example as our pathway to righteousness.


Cosmic Vow

1 Enoch 69, Psalms 148, Romans 12. The earliest and most overlooked divine covenant was instituted between Elohim and Creation; that what the evil destroyed, Elohim with the aid of his elect, would restore. We call this covenant, “The Amelioration of Creation.” The Cosmic Vow is a very important tenet of Enochian Judaism, but too lengthy to detail here. More can be found at this link. We are highly dedicated to seeing all creation restored in this next several centuries, and we work toward it today in every way it seems fitting, as per the document.



After tedious research and many years of it, we have discovered the perfect calendar - the same one used by the early Temple priesthood, the Essenes, the Enochians and the Nazoreans. The calendar is found in the MMT document and affirmed in both Enoch and Ezekiel. The calendar is entirely solar, based on 364 days, and the way it is set up by the early priests, there is never a need for intercalation, additions or subtractions. The Zadokite Calendar is available to you for the asking. At this time, there is no dispute whatsoever in the Yahad over the calendar.


The Zadokite, or Old Priestly Calendar was employed among Essenes, Ebionites, Enochians and Christians. Would the Son of Man / Son of Elohim / Son of David be using the foreign moon calendars of those days? There is much evidence for this calendar being used in both history and literature.


Angels & Worship of Angels

(Colossians 2:18, Acts 7:42). Worship as angels do; not worshiping angels. Perfect angels worship. Enochians know these angels and worship with them as per THE SONGS OF THE SABBATH BOOK. We look forward to learning and practicing the worship of angels, for such will certainly bring us closer to the true worship. Yet this concept is one that will take more study as the days go by. We do not worship angels nor channel spirits. But we are open to learning true worship from righteous malachim.


The Son of Man

The intermediary between Elohim, humanity and spiritual beings (1 Tim 2:5). Pre-Christian Enochians knew only Enoch, Ezekiel & Daniel as the Benim Adam. It appears that many Enochians and “priests” converted to the understanding that Yahshua Messiah was the “new” Son of Man. The Gospels and Enoch are full of this title, and Yahshua identifies with it, and thus with the Enochian movement. We may understand this conversion by considering the Epistle of Hebrews as the answer to the Coming of Melchizedek (11Q13).



The settlement at Qumran and its libraries were a retreat & ritual cleansing center for the greater Essene movement at large. The literature collection included a wide variety of texts that can be broken down into several sectarian groups, including post-50 AD Christians. Theological libraries of today include texts on hundreds of sects. The literature in the libraries of Qumran originated in many different places, including Judea, Jerusalem & Rome.



The weekly seventh day (Saturday) is the Sabbath and never varies. There are 7 festivals per Leviticus 23 plus five more special “seasons,” and others accroding to the Temple Scroll - wood, salt, oil & perhaps Chag Yahshua (though we have not yet understood how to keep these feasts due to lack of references). The weekly Sabbath is from 7th day sunrise to sunset. Those who minister on the Shabbat are free to ‘work,’ for the ministry is their livelihood. Else, the Shabbat is observed by attending a set-apart meeting and a time of rest or reflective pause. Any other restrictions one cares to observe, she may do so; however, one’s personal restrictions may not be imposed on others. Outside of these minimum restrictions, what you do otherwise is between you and your Elohim. If you or family members are addicted to sports, recreation or laborious work on the Shabbat, let us pray “whatever it takes,” may our addictions to our own selfishness be broken. In this day of leisure, when work is not too hard or long, and time has time on the hands for such things the rest of the week, how dare we not give our gracious Father his time on his time? If one is traveling and in the house of another Sabbatarian, it would be wise to keep the Sabbath as whoever the master of that house keeps it, since you are a guest. Worship is appropriate on any day, but the 7th day is specifically commanded, and it is the only day (Saturday) that is legitimately to be called Sabbath. The fourth commandment of the ten tells us specifically what kind of piety we are to observe on that day.


Except under very restrictive circumstances, if a brother of sisrer in the Connection comes to your door needing food and shelter, especially if that person is another minister, the host should keep the guest in food and shelter for three days (or three nights). There is to be no distinction between male or female. If you are not willing to house a brother or sister of the opposite sex for one reason or another, it is your responsibility to find suitable lodging and pay for it. This is the Three-Day-Rule, and you, as a member, are obligated to it. If the brother or sister needs to stay longer, you may grant another three days, but with the admonition that the guest needs to be diligently seeking work those three days. After six days, you as an Essene are no longer bound to keep the guest unless you want to keep the guest and that a nominal, daily fee is imposed on the guest for the duration of their stay. If you as host are not financially able to do any of this, then seek out your brothers and sisters in your locale to help you; for your duty is also theirs.


Veganism & Vegetarianism

No complete study of all sacred Scripture will render a verdict that either veganism or vegetarianism is a requirement for Kingdom living. Furthermore, there is no injunction anywhere (outside the “Law of Beasts” in Lev 11) that eating flesh has anything to do with ultimate salvation. Though veganism has been declared by some to be a “new movement of the spirit,” we have no proof of whether it is or isn’t. Militant veganism is in fact a sin - the belief that one has not salvation if one eats meat or meat products. It is clearly obvious that all Israel ate meat when it was available. In the Yahad, one’s veganism or vegetarianism is to respected as long as this issue doesn’t become a matter of division or argumentation.


Sacrifices & Their End

The Scriptures make it clear that in ancient times worship was only known to be viable by means of animal / human sacrificing. As Kefa tells us, it was Elohim’s intention to begin with the Aramaeans and Hebrews where they were already (i. e.executing rituals of sacrificing) rather than imposing on them new practices as they had never known nor heard of before. The intention was to educate them then wean them off such practices through the spirit of enlightenment so they might finally give up sacrificing on their own. Instead the religious leaders held on to the power deemed them through such practices as Elohim enlightened the people about truer, unbloodied worship. As time went on, Elohim raised up prophets to convey his displeasure in the prolongation of the sacrificial system. When the time was right, Elohim provided the last possible sacrifice as a doleful example to horrify the world - the sacrifice of his own son - who previously warned the religious establishment that they only had one generation of 40 years to reform. If they would not, he would return to destroy it all, which history and Scripture informs us that he did. The Son was quoted as saying, “I came to do away with sacrifices.” He did not come to repudiate either the sacrificial system or the righteous plan of his Father for ultimate redemption.



Modern Ebionism insists on Veganism, deconstructs the Messiah, misunderstands Blood, denies the value of Sacraments, is spiritually bankrupt, anti-Torah, violent and incompatible with peace. Anyone who calls themselves Essene and who also channels the dead, calls on ascended masters, references demonic entities as guides, creates ‘holy’ books by necromancy (or relies on such) - such are incompatible with Torah and Enochians. Any feral Kabbalism that would destroy the Echad, denigrate YHWH to a lesser deity, insist on human immortality, follow ancient Greek or Roman polytheosophy, Blavatskyism, or insist that Elohim is composed of flesh and blood - such is incompatible with Enochian Judaism.



According to Messiah, (1) those who, in this life, keep the word of Elohim and walk in conjunction with Messiah the Son, are the bacharim (elect) - they will not die, but must live on in a new shell to complete the work they are called to in the unseen world. (2) Those who have been and done good in life, irrespective of whether they have “Jesus in their heart” or not, will die to be resurrected in the body in due time and given an opportunity for eternal life in the world of the amelioration. (3) Those who have been and done evil will die and be resurrected in the flesh for a trial and judgment. What happens to them then is in the hands of the righteous judge who knows all.


Resurrection of the Dead

Humans are for the most part spiritually dead, as Adam and Eve became. A new birth is necessary for spiritual life. Those who are not brought alive in spirit die. Soul sleep, soul immortality, reincarnations and ghosts do not exist as such, but are the deceptions of evil spirits. Those who die are resurrected in the flesh for judgment on the earth. Those enduring judgment will live in the flesh with an opportunity to come into the economy of the Kingdom, for then the Kingdom will be obvious. Many of those who fail at judgment will experience the second death. This schema can be easily proved in Scripture, whereas the notion of reincarnation, judgment of the soul, ecstacy in heaven and damnation forever in hell are twisting of the Scripture. In John 5:19ff, Yahshua is talking plainly about this matter. Please see the Appendix of this document for the passages and their interpretation.


Prime Documents as “Rules”

They include the Teaching of the Twelve, Exhortations from the Community Rule and the Damascus Document, the Sermons on the Mount & Plain, certain practices of the Nazarene Acts & the general teachings of Yahshua as found in the Testaments.



The Yahad is not ecumenical primarily because Torah adherence is so repugnant to church people. Christian pastors are nearly always threatened by people who wear tzitziot. Some of us have tried in the past to work with churches, but with little progress. Perhaps this is one reason why the ancient Qumraneans rejected the practice of telling others about their faith. Perhaps this is why we read so much xenophobia in the sectarian writings. Likewise, those who keep Torah but do not keep Rabbinical traditions such as Purim, female submission and head coverings are rejected by Messianic Jews, and even being Messianic is the assurance of rejection by the Orthodox. So we seldom have been able to work with them. Such movements that are dedicated to bringing Jews, Messianic Jews and Gentiles together - such have never been successful. There are two sticks as though they were one in the hand, but they are still two - divided. To the Creator they are united. There are groups we should be able to fellowship with like Rechabites and Nazoreans - though such movements are so young that nothing has yet significantly developed. We have had success in working and fellowshiping with some charismatics and Pentecostals, and that is perhaps because such groups are inherently respectful of Jews (though their notions of Judaism may not be realistic). Use of the Charismatic and Pneumatic gifts in common could well be a binding force. In fact, it could be THE binding force for being in one accord. We as Enochians are called to restore creation; we have to be willing parties to the unification of Judah & Ephraim however the Ruach may lead.



Enochians observed the holidays of Leviticus 23 as memorials to the actual ancient events described in that chapter and elsewhere. We do not “do” them, we do memorialization of them because they are commanded by YHWH, and because our spiritual ancestors considered them to be ongoing forever.

              There are two other “Jewish” holidays mentioned in the “canon,” Purim and Hanukkah. Purim commemorates Haman’s failure to wipe out Judaism in the book of Esther. Hanukkah (Dedication, Feast of Lights) commemorates the rededication of the Temple, and the miracle of oil burning 8 days. Both of these events are probably fictitious, and the Enochians didn’t recognize them.

              Purim is out until we find some evidence that the Enochians even considered the Book of Esther as worthy of following. Hanukkah is out because the Enochians didn’t keep it; Hanukkah, for them, would be a remembrance of their massacre by the Hasmoneans. However, they are not necessarily pagan holidays, so if a member feels the need to keep them, it is up to the member. Other festivals are mentioned in the Temple Scroll, but we cannot at this time know about their provenance or purpose. We can take this up when more information is released from the ground.

              As leaders, a higher standard must be maintained in conduct, reputation, and practice distinct from members. The Enochian Judaism Yahad is an organization that affirms the Torah, including the holidays found in Leviticus chapter 23. We understand that family members may not share the convictions of the members who are in leadership. In order to maintain the Integrity of the organization however, leaders, both elders and Bishops, should eschew activities that have anything to do with Christmas, Easter or Halloween. To Define what this means more specifically, no elder or Bishop should host any kind of pagan holiday such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween in their own home. Since we cannot control the outside world, members may freely shop at whatever store they desire during these Pagan celebrations or conduct business and whichever manner they see fit. This principle is according to the words of the master himself who prayed" I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one." John 17:15 in this way, we as Leaders cannot control what the outside world does, and yet we must live in the world whether we are shopping or traveling or any other sorts of business that we engage in during these pagan festivities. Yet, what is under our control, we can administer with integrity the lifestyle that our master has desired refraining from practices such as Christmas, Easter, or Halloween that detract from our witness in the organization and cause those under us to question our legitimacy and the positions we have been placed. The only exception to this, would be if a leader happened to not have the power themselves to determine how the household in which they reside, is run. In such a case, we take the example given to us in the book of II Kings (Chapter 5) regarding leprous Naaman the Syrian. In those specific cases, the individual in leadership should just do the best they can maintaining their integrity as much as possible in order to also balance the critical component of peace in the household in which they reside. Except for this situation, no exception can be made for those in leadership regarding associations with pagan holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. This tightened policy presents a good witness to the community and establishes a schema, imbibed in the very words of the Master himself when he said " And to whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required." (Luke 12:48b) In sum, being a leader requires that conduct matches their leadership title, the Torah and Messiah Centric teaching of the Enochian Jewish Yahad, and their position.



Paul is a polarizing character. Recent scholarship and, frankly, plain reading inform us that Paul broke away from the Nazorean Assembly in Jerusalem and went on to found Christianity in Europe. About this, there really is no question. One’s opinion of Paul depends on whether the three descriptions of his ‘conversion’ are fully true or not. Also, we only have his testimonial that he was taught personally by the Spirit of Christ (which he also claimed to be) - do we believe him that he was sent to Europeans, where circumcision was illegal and the consumption of meats sacrificed to idols was common practice.

Some of us see no value in Paul whatsoever; others see his historical matter to be important enough to include him as an Apostle of Yahshua; then others believe in him wholeheartedly as Christians do. Yet if his message is for you, why are you still circumcising, eating clean and keeping the Torah to the extent you do? In the opinion of this author, even the great Paul-hater can hardly nullify Paul’s writings; yet there is still the lingering question - Has Paul (along with later Gentile church leaders) knowingly led the millions of future Christians into such apostacy as we find in the Church of the 21st Century?


Plural Marriage

While we understand that plural marriage was and is practiced in Hebraic movements, may have been practiced among some sects of Essenes (?), may be legal in the Torah, may have its purpose in the economy of Elohim and may have been practiced among ancient, the scrolls are clear that it was prohibited among conventional Essenes and Enochians. It is also such a controversial lifestyle today and illegal, that we cannot permit our members to be enjoined in it.




Neo-Essenism Judaism 2016

Vero Yahad

“A Professional Organization for Educational and Religious Fellowship”


February 18, 2016


Neo-Enochian Essenism

What is an Essene in the contemporary sense? Essential, an Essene is a person who holds to the Apostles' Creed (as rendered in the Aramaic version) and desires a higher level of discipleship, holiness and polity that is readily available in our present world.

              Vero Essene Yahad is, so far as we know, the only modern organization that has been informed of the ways of the ancients Way. That Way would include the beliefs and practices of a variety of ancient groups; to whit, "Sons of Zadok," Enochians, Nazoreans, Ebionites, Elchasaites and perhaps other groups as enumerated in the Panarion of Epiphanius.

              Lifestyle and doctrine are borrowed from these groups - that which is profitable for today - and adapted for the people and the "times"; in our case, those currently in the Yahad and the modern times and culture we now share.


Rules and Commandments are important for the contemporary Essenes, but not to the prohibition of free thought on scriptures, personal freedom and proclamation.



"Unity in diversity, not diversity in conflict, is the motto of the Vero Essene Yahad. Vero means ’truth.' Essene means ’those doing Torah,' Yahad means 'together.'



It is our primary goal and directive to help the Spirit reveal the elect people - those who have been predestined to work as ministers in the future kingdom. Primary also is the task of renewing the earth and all creation insofar as we are able. We can do this by beginning with ourselves. Also, the directive from Jacob the Priest is binding on us - to help orphans and widows, which we regard to include the poor, ignorant, mentally and physically ill and lonely, and thus use our time to help others and stay unspotted from the world. In these things, we follow the further advice of the Didache - "Do the best you can."



The Yahad will not have a pope, an authoritarian, an autocrat or a despotic ruler over it. All power is distributed through all members of the Yahad. The Yahad is episcopal; those holding the prime responsibility for peace and progress in the Yahad are elected bishops - those qualifying for election have undergone the Nun Training Course or equivalent and have been ordained in the Yahad or a similar agency. The Bishop(s) are surrounded by a Board of Elders, duly trained and sworn in. Elders represent the People and will stand in proxy for them before the Bishop(s) when decisions are made. Some decisions may be made by the vote or lot. But primarily, the final decision on the matter is to be made by the 'bachar' or chosen decision maker. The 'bachar' is chosen out of the eldership at random before the business of the meeting begins.

              Outside of Bishops and Elders, one may be consecrated a temporary Shoter (Deacon) or ordained a permanent Deacon. A Deacon may preach or, if the Deacon has some other specialty in ministry, not preach. The temporary Deacon is he / she who is expecting to move up to Eldership. Bishop, Elder, Deacon - these are not titles of authority but responsibility. The only authority is Messiah, who is the head of the assembly.

              Further, Shamshim (Workers) are newcomers in the polity of the Yahad, exploring the faith and learning the ancient and modern ways. They stand under the guidance of an elder until their studies are done and they then may be either accepted or rejected by the Yahad proper.



Lavav (Order of Charity) is the highest order thus far and is peopled by those who have undergone the

first Boot Camp of January, 2016. Lavav consists of Bishops, Elders, Deacons and People.

              Chochmim (Order of Sages) is is populated by scholars with special gifts in exegesis, language studies or scribal work.

              Nun (Order of Fish) is comprised of Workers and others who are in the course of Nun studies, some of which may apply for eldership when their studies are successfully completed.

              The "Think Tank" on Facebook is open to any person of good will and civility no matter what religion they are. It is out of the "Think Tank" that we attempt to reveal the elect and bring them into one accord with the orders above.

              Galutim (Exiles) are those with limited or no social media affiliations who have opted in, written in or called in for one reason or another. The Exiles' contact information is kept in a database in the office.


Not to be Tolerated

Above the Apostles' Creed, there are some beliefs and practices that are strictly forbidden in the Yahad; to whit.

The use of profane names for the deity including god, Jehovah, Eyeh, Lord, etc.

The eating of abominable foods including pig, rabbit and certain shellfish.

The breaking of the Sabbath, upon which the following stipulations are required: rest from work and convocation.

The conjuring of unclean entities through any means.

Personally insulting, striking or publicly berating a fellow member.

Speaking against the fellowship in public or private or any of its members.



It appears certain that the Ebionites were vegetarians. The Zadokites may have been vegetarians as a protest movement against the Temple. The Scripture we use not clear on the matter, or, we may say, contradictory. Vegetarianism is a lofty principle when the reasons for it are clearly articulated by the vegetarian. However, at this time, one is in good standing in the Yahad vegetarian or not. Condemnation of one or the other will not be tolerated.


On pharmaceuticals:

The condemnation of the users of pharmaceutical drugs used appropriately will not be tolerated. Those using pharmaceuticals by doctors' orders dare not just quit, nor are 'natural' remedies, to are knowledge, substitutes in the case of immediate withdrawal from pharmaceuticals.


On necromancy, spiritism, mediumship, conjuring, witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, channeling:

These will not be tolerated. Those practicing such will be immediately dismissed if convincing evidence is provided the Bishop.


On tobacco, alcohol or legal substances:

Use of such is tolerated to the point in which intoxication or air pollution occurs. One who is intoxicated will be expelled from the meeting. There will be no smoking of tobacco or any other substance in the course of assemblage.


On illegal substances:

Despite its illegality, marijuana use is of a private matter and conviction. Marijuana and other such illegal substances will not be seen in the Yahad. If you use such substances, keep it private. You will not publicly share these substances nor be involved in assemblages while under the influence of them. You will NEVER bring them upon the property of others to jeopardize their livelihoods. We do understand the medicinal use or Marijuana to be consistent with the medical practices of the ancient, and we do not condemn the medical use of the substance now.



APPENDIX I: What Happens When you Die - An Interpretation of John 5:19ff

John 5:21-24 (KJV 1611) For as the Father raiseth vp the dead, and quickeneth them: euen so the Sonne quickeneth whom he will. For the Father iudgeth no man: but hath committed all iudgement unto the Sonne; That all men should honour the Son (sic), euen as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not Ў Sonne, honoroureth not y Father which hath sent him. Verily, verily I say vnto you, Hee that heareth my word, & beleeueth on him that sent mee, hath euerlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation: but is passed from death vnto life.

John 5:21-24 (RSV 1959). For as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so also the Son gives life to whom he will. The Father judges no one, but has given all judgment to the Son, that all may honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him. Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes him who sent me, has eternal life; he does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.

Philippians 3:17-4:1. Join in imitating me, and mark those who so live as your examples. For many, of whom I have often told you about and now tell you even with tears, live as enemies of their Saviors execution stake. Their end is destruction for their Elohim is their belly and they glory in their shame with minds set on earthly things. But isnt our commonwealth in glory? And dont we await a Savior who will change our poor bodies to be just like his glorious body, by his dominating power? My friends, whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in Yahshua, our beloved and our salvation (Philippians 3:17-4:1).


A Description of Life, Death and Judgment

Though we may not be able to comprehend a literal description of the afterlife (for, after all, we are confined to six senses), Yahshua does give us descriptions we can understand. Look to his words recorded in John 5:19-25. {Let us stand for the reading of the Gospel}:

19. Yahshua said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing; for whatever he does, that the Son does likewise. 20. For the Father loves the Son, and shows him all that he himself is doing; and greater works than these will he show him, that you may marvel. 21. For as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so also the Son gives life to whom he will. 22. The Father judges no one, but has given all judgment to the Son, 23. that all may honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.

24. Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes him who sent me, has eternal life; he does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life. (1) These are the Bacharim (the Elect, those who have been chosen).

As for the rest:

25. Truly, truly, I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of Elohim, and those who hear will live. 26. For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also to have life in himself, 27. and has given him authority to execute judgment, because he is the Son of man. 28. Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear his voice 29. and come forth,

 Those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, (2) The Qodeshim (the Set-apart, those who have chosen the good).

 and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of judgment.

(3) The Chattaim (those who executed power in evil ways, who have chosen maybe some good, some evil, but will be adjudicated by the Bacharim in the scales of justice; they will receive a verdict and a sentence fitting the crime). (Types of these three classess are found all over the place in scripture. There is also a fourth class - no resurrection at all.)


Yahshua is saying is that his Father Yahweh has granted him the power to prevent death. Now a person may never die at all. But Yahshua isnt going to take his responsibility lightly or use it in a fickle manner to banish death for everyoneYet he will choose those who will never die; he will choose those who will die but will come back to life on the last day; and he will choose those who will die and come back to life to die again, a second death.

And Yahshua will be the judge of it all the master of life, death and judgment. This is what he means when he says in John 14:6, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. He's talking about judgment. Yahshua has the power to save anyone he wants, no matter whether an individual knows him or not. He says, The Son will give life to whomever he chooses (John 5:21). {Say it again.} If the judgments he made on earth are any indication of his latter-day justice, Yahshua will judge equitably when the time arrives.

Consider the lame man at the Pool of Bethzatha. This man knew nothing about Yahshua, yet Yahshua raised him up. Consider the adulterous woman in John 8: he saved her life when the strictest law would have her stoned. What about his murderers? Forgive them for they dont know what they do. Yahshua doesn't judge as we do; has far wiser than us. If we would judge rightly, wed first judge ourselves.

Now consider how Yahshua judges: He clearly defines three classes of judgment in John 5:19-25:

The First Class: No Death At All

The First Class is composed of those who have eternal life now without ever standing in any judgment or experiencing any death. Look: He who hears my word and believes him who sent me, has eternal life; he does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life. What could be plainer? The first class are never judged and never die listen! they've passed from death to life before tasting death. First classers need never fear fatal disease or trauma because, when it comes, they'll never know what happened they'll simply pass from life to life. The man may be sick unto death in bed one minute and be completely well the next, living eternally to fulfill his highest calling. There're two conditions that Yahshua puts on the no death class:

· 1) You must hear his word. When he says, hear it, he means also, do it. You must learn about Yahshua, meet him personally, have faith in him, and do his will to the best of your ability, however good that is. You give him you death and hell make it into life.

· 2) You must believe in Yahweh who sent him, and that belief includes obeying the Almighty's dictates. For Yahweh sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved. And you may be saved by hearing, believing and doing, to the best of your ability, no slackers allowed.

In another place, Yahshua says, You must be born from above. Indeed, its not the natural thing for the natural man to do that is follow the teachings of the Father and Son to inherit eternal life. It takes a radical change to enter the class of the non-diers. But in the day that you receive your death sentence as I did, its a comforting thing to know beforehand that a death sentence has no power over you whatsoever. Fear is dissolved in faith; mine was, and so will yours be.

What Becomes of First Classers?

So what happens to First Class People when the flesh disintegrates? Paul the Apostle of Tarsus, who also received a death sentence, tells us

that the Sovereign Yahshua Messiah will change our lowly bodies to be like his glorious body, by the power which enables him even to subject all things to himself (Philippians 3:21).

When were born from above, its this glorious body that's born within us, that matures within us, as time, teaching and obedience go forward; and its this glorious body that's finally set free when the flesh of pain ceases to function and crumbles away.

Yahshua says that glorious bodies, when liberated from flesh, will have the same properties as angelic bodies: able to materialize at will in order to complete the great commission; that is, to build a paradise anew and to build a humanity fit for it. That's the occupation of the First Classers rebuilding. Paul tells us that the old, polluted creation is crying out for the coming of these glorious rebuilders.

I hope you seek First Class glorification and are freed from your fear of death. I hope you'll be born again so you may never die. No need to worry about loved ones left behind. The Holy Spirit will take care of them for a time, then you'll see to them yourself soon after. Hear his words and believe in the one who sent him, and you'll never die at all. Instead, you'll shout, O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory? (1 Corinthians 15:55). The victory is mine! Mine! Mine!

Of the Dead

Yahshua next tells us that all those who aren't part of the First Class Resurrection will die and go to the grave, into the sea, upon the trash heap, or wherever their bodies are discarded, and they will be no more. That's what death means, doesn't it? The dictionary says, Termination of life. The dead of the second class dont appear as ghosts or wander around the earth or move tables at séances. Souls are not eternal, as some teach, but mortal, as Yahshua teaches (Matthew 10:28). The dead are dead they're simply no more except in memory. However, Yahshua promised that, the hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear My voice and come forth (John 5:28,29). Though the First Classers will already be glorified in spiritual bodies, those who've died will be resurrected to the flesh that they left. Remember

Revelation 20:12? And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before Elohim; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

Yahshua says that all people that ever lived and died will be dredged up out of the non-existence of death and re-enfleshed for judgment found in a ledger of their deeds while living. Some say that the resurrected will be as though they were twenty-five again. Wouldn't that be great?

How would such a wholesale resurrection of billions be possible? It seems crazy until you consider the historical announcement made February 12, 2004: Scientists Cloned Human Embryos. In South Korea, scientists took the DNA of a living person and made human embryos out of it, which, if implanted in a womb and carried to term, would've produced perfect replicas of the donor.

We understand an embryo to be a human child. I dont want to get into the morality of this procedure; I just want to point out that men have created babies from a piece of a man. If humans, who have so little wisdom, can create babies, isnt it reasonable to believe that the Creator of the cosmos could recreate everyone who lived? Of course he could. And Yahshua says he will. Those who've died not following Yahshua will be brought to life again.

The DNA of everyone that ever lived from Adam on exists somewhere in earth or heaven. How many fingernails do you think Buddha left on the roads of India? Even a fallen hairs full of DNA the building block of personhood. Think of that! Yahweh knows how many hairs have fallen, and exactly where they've fallen to and from whom. He can easily rebuild a woman from a hair as a rib. All the dead, says Yahshua, will be remade on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles (John 6:39, 7:37), a symbol of the Millennium the thousand-year reign of Messiah on earth.

The Second Class: Death and Resurrection

Then, in that thousand years, will be the day of separation and judgment, for a day is as a thousand years in Yahweh's site. Look to John 5:28,29 once again: Yahshua tells us that,

the hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear [My] voice and come forth; those who have done good, to the resurrection of life...

We have been erroneously taught that all who aren't saved never really died; they're even now living in the eternal torment of hell. Can you see from Yahshua's own words here that many good-doers who dont know Yahshua are raised from death to life? The kind of life isnt the angelic, glorified life of the believer. Its not the first class kind of life. This is life in the flesh again on the earth. These who have died are put back into the sea of life as they knew life before they died.

I've been asked time and again about the fate of the dead who never heard of Yahshua, never had the Gospel preached to them, never had an opportunity to decide. Billions have lived and died without the opportunity. When Yahweh created humanity, he gave us free will and a sense of right and wrong. Every person who ever lived could make choices for good rather than evil, whether they've heard of Yahshua or not.

Look around today at mindless people are serving pointless religions and false gods. Yet, as human beings, they still have the innate ability to choose what is right in the site of Yahweh then do what is right in any decision-making. People must make choices either for good or for evil every day, every choice. Despite ones religion or culture, a person may choose the good freely.

I've been asked whether the Buddha or Ghandi or Princess Di or Rabbi Eckstein, people who did much good in their lives but were not Christians, are burning in hells torments at this moment. The answer, according to Yahshua, is no, they're not. These people are dead, terminated, gone until the resurrection, when they will regain their flesh and spring back upon the earth.

Billions may receive new life at this Second Class resurrection why? so these good people may come to know Yahweh and his king, Yahshua, be taught the truth, and be given an honest chance to accept it. This is what Yahshua teaches, as plain as the nose on your face. The Millennium saints, the glorified First Classers like maybe you and me, will teach them. That'll be our mission to take the cream of the human crop and introduce them to King Yahshua ben David and teach them His ways in the Millennium. No harps and clouds for us, friend; were going to testify to those who made deliberate life choices for the good and now have the opportunity to know that which is not only good, but perfect.

The Third Class: Death and Justice

Finally, in that hospital bed, I read of a third class to be resurrected. Look again to John 5:28,29:

for the hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear his voice and come forth, those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of judgment. (Actually, the word κρισεω, which is translated variously by the English words“judgment,” “damnation” and “condemnation,” actually is a legal tem meaning “a trial” - “those who committed evil to the resurrection of a trial.)

This third class consists of those who've followed their inclination to evil. They may've heard the call to accept the Yahshua-life, but turned away, disgusted. And they may not have. Among these are the hypocrites who will cry, Lord, Lord, for show, but lived in luxury at the expense of others. Here are terrorists, warmongers, commandment-breakers, infidels, Pharisees, cult leaders, killers, cannibals, wolves, wandering stars, wife-beaters, homosexuals, whoremongers, pornographers, liars and idolaters. Their lives counted for more intentional harm than help, more calculated evil than good, more purposeful hindrance than benefit. They're cursers of lawful pleasures, and accursed by their own words.

Yet, despite their evil, they'll still judged equitably. Their cases are reviewed in detail to determine if anything can be salvaged. All the facts are on the table. They'll be tested to see if they're teachable or reformable if they're fit for the second life or the second death. If for the former, they'll pay for their crimes and endure severe punishment and maybe reformation. But most will receive the second death sentence; that is, they'll be burned to a cinder in the devils lake of fire. Their newly resurrected bodies, so comfortable and strong, will be immolated in an instant, and they'll cease to exist even in the memory banks of the happy Millennial residents of the peaceful Kingdom.

Your Choice

You might get the idea there's hope for you even if you've rejected Yahshua. Now you think you'll be judged for your good deeds and end up in the Second Class, living the high life, having paid your way back. But I've got bad news for you. Few in this entire nation will live in the second-class by good works. Why not? Because everyone here has received the opportunity to accept the Fathers offer of life. The second class of life is for those who've never heard. And that ain't you.

Once you've rejected the Yahshua-life, there's only road left; take your chances in the white throne judgment in the third class section. You'll die and maybe a century or two will pass, then you'll wake up before the judgment bar to hear your deeds recounted and your good deeds will be as filthy rags.

But while you're listening, you'll marvel at just how great you feel in your new body, and how eager you are to get back to your foul haunt to show everybody you made it. Yeah, man. You're feeling lucky today. But when the book is consulted, your name will not be found. Angels will escort your glorious new body, along with all you are and everything you have, to the razor-sharp plank extending over the burning lake of fire. On that day, having raised all the heck you could in your first life, you'll remember this message and cry out, Why, oh why didn't I heed?



Greetings this 8th day, a day of New Beginnings.


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Never a Feckless Platitude



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