The Gospel of Peter


Secret Sayings   Jackson Snyder


Also known as The Lost Gospel of Peter.

Early commentators first spoke of this gospel around 200 A. D. It's content was totally unknown until a fragment was discovered in 1886 inside the crypt of a Christian monk (dated to the 8th century) in Upper Egypt. That fragment bore the story of Jesus' passion from Pilate's washing of hands through a somewhat different account of the resurrection.


It was noon, yet darkness descended over Judea. Those who were in charge of the crucifixion were troubled, because they had a law that the sun should not set on anyone who has been put to death. One of them said, "Mix up some gall and vinegar for him to drink." They did so and administered it to him, thus fulfilling that which was to happen and completing their sins against themselves.

Many there had lamps, attempting to dispel the darkness, for they supposed that it was night; it was very dark. They stumbled and fell. 

Soon the Lord cried out loud, saying, "My Power, my Power, you have left me!" When he said this, he ascended. In that same hour the veil of the temple in Jerusalem was torn in two.


The Odes of Shalomé (The Odes of Solomon)

The Odes of Solomon

"The odes are so truth-filled and beautiful, they thrilled my heart and took my breath away! I hope that they will have a wide audience, and be enjoyed by many many more people. I am going to share these with others. I hope that the Lord uses these for the encouragement of His people all over the world." - ATS, August 9, 2009

Shalomé of the Cross was the daughter of Mary and sister of Yahshua of Nazareth. She is mentioned several times in the New Testament Scriptures as a witness to the crucifixion. The Egyptian Scriptures portray her as a person much more important than a mere onlooker. In them, she is a fervent disciple who harbors and nurtures her brother as she learns the Way of the True Worshipper. To this same Shalomé tradition has attributed forty-one songs composed in the Aramaic language of the holy family. Her spiritual insight has much in common with that of the Beloved Disciple and the Teacher of Righteousness. Yet Shalomé has more to offer than a religious comparison of darkness and light. Her songs comprise a young woman’s unique and often mystical vision of the ‘divine feminine,’ love both mundane and ethereal, and hope that reaches far beyond the boundaries of earth and sky.


The Authentic Peter: The Preaching of Simeon Kefa from the Journal of T. Flavius Clemens (Clement)

Recognitions of Clement

THE AUTHENTIC PETER: Ever wonder why Simon Peter only got a couple short letters in our Scriptures? Wouldn’t someone have recorded Peter’s AUTHENTIC acts and preaching? Of course his preaching was recorded! By Clement, an affluent Gentile convert, at the command of James the Just. So why would the Church Fathers bury the preaching of their first pope since Clement was their second pope? Because Peter's teachings are HEBRAIC. This volume is one-of-a-kind, containing teachings on many subjects, including deliverance, healing, true worship, and lost doctrines. We dispensed with churchy language in restored the original Hebraic names and titles of people, places and concepts - and a full GLOSSARY.