The Apocryphon of John

Secret Sayings   Jackson Snyder


These secret words of Jesus are part of a longer explanation of the creation story in Genesis, as told from the viewpoint of the Gnostic Christians, an early "heretic" sect exposed by some New Testament authors.  The manuscript was known before its discovery (as part of the Nag Hammadi Library) through secondary quotes in Irenaeus' Against Heresies of 185 A. D.


The Father of Light is not merely god or a god, or similar to a god. It is incorrect to think of him so: he is The Invisible Spirit. Since there is none more powerful, no one is able to give him orders. He does not live in inferior beings; rather, everything exists in him. He even brought himself into being, and he lives forever because he does not require sustenance. Since he does not lack for anything, he needs nothing for completion. He is a completely perfect being in light. 

His ability is unlimited, since there is no one more powerful to set limits. He is not able to be closely examined as a specimen, for no one lived before him to examine him. For the same reason, he cannot be measured. He is invisible since no one has seen him. He is eternal for he had no beginning. 

He is indescribable since no one is able to comprehend him to speak of him. He cannot be named since there was no one with the authority to name him. He is blinding light - pure, holy, immaculate.

Since all but him are corrupt, and he is incorruptible, no one is able to describe his blessedness, divinity, or perfection.

He is even superior to such eloquent words in their fullness of meaning!

He is not corporal or incorporeal. He is neither large nor small. One cannot say, "Of what quantity is he, or what quality?" No one can know him. He is more than superior - he is beyond the confines of time and reality since he created these and did not receive them from another. He does not look to anyone for anything out of need.  All look expectantly to him in his light.

His perfection is majestic. He is pure, limitless mind. He is time-giving time, life-giving life, blessings-giving blessed, knowledge-giving knowledge, goodness-giving goodness, mercy- and redemption-giving mercy, grace-giving grace - not because these are his possession; rather, they are the benefits of his gift of immeasurable and incomprehensible light.

How can I describe him so that you can understand? His existence is indestructible; his repose is in the confident knowledge of being before all. He is the head of all creation, and he imparts strength through his goodness. We are unable to describe him accurately or understand him; all, that is, but the one who came forth from the Father.

This one who came forth is able to describe him because he looks at the Father through the very light that surrounds him. This light is also called the "spring water of life." So he is the mediator who imparts this light to all creations in every way, for he is able to gaze upon the Father's image in the spring water of the spirit. He is able to accomplish his desires through this water-light that surrounds him. Now you know, for I have told only you.


The Odes of Shalomé (The Odes of Solomon)

The Odes of Solomon

"The odes are so truth-filled and beautiful, they thrilled my heart and took my breath away! I hope that they will have a wide audience, and be enjoyed by many many more people. I am going to share these with others. I hope that the Lord uses these for the encouragement of His people all over the world." - ATS, August 9, 2009

Shalomé of the Cross was the daughter of Mary and sister of Yahshua of Nazareth. She is mentioned several times in the New Testament Scriptures as a witness to the crucifixion. The Egyptian Scriptures portray her as a person much more important than a mere onlooker. In them, she is a fervent disciple who harbors and nurtures her brother as she learns the Way of the True Worshipper. To this same Shalomé tradition has attributed forty-one songs composed in the Aramaic language of the holy family. Her spiritual insight has much in common with that of the Beloved Disciple and the Teacher of Righteousness. Yet Shalomé has more to offer than a religious comparison of darkness and light. Her songs comprise a young woman’s unique and often mystical vision of the ‘divine feminine,’ love both mundane and ethereal, and hope that reaches far beyond the boundaries of earth and sky.


The Authentic Peter: The Preaching of Simeon Kefa from the Journal of T. Flavius Clemens (Clement)

Recognitions of Clement

THE AUTHENTIC PETER: Ever wonder why Simon Peter only got a couple short letters in our Scriptures? Wouldn’t someone have recorded Peter’s AUTHENTIC acts and preaching? Of course his preaching was recorded! By Clement, an affluent Gentile convert, at the command of James the Just. So why would the Church Fathers bury the preaching of their first pope since Clement was their second pope? Because Peter's teachings are HEBRAIC. This volume is one-of-a-kind, containing teachings on many subjects, including deliverance, healing, true worship, and lost doctrines. We dispensed with churchy language in restored the original Hebraic names and titles of people, places and concepts - and a full GLOSSARY.