“Honing In”

Reacting to my Enneagram
(Nine Key Type Personality Profile)

   by Michelle Papineau-Stoen
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    British Columbia
    Motivational Gifts Instructor
    Jazz Singer 


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I have taken several “personality” and “gifting” tests in my life, however, I must say, that the “Enneagram” test is one of the best! I find it to be complex and sophisticated, and yet is a sensible and easily understood tool for self-discovery!

This “KEY TYPE” test truly goes beyond the boarders, as it helps one to truly understand why we “color our world” the way we do!

As for my somewhat unusual, unconventional, at times unbearable and flamboyant “persona,” the test helped me to put all the pieces together and made me feel good about who I am!  My attributes are all “particular” to the nature God gave me! After reading my “core key type,” I was released to “own” each nuance and “staple” about me.

Enneagram Spirituality, Suzanne ZuercherI believe if we can accept that even our quirks are part of “the plan,” then it gives us permission to feel that we are unique and YES, even special, because God created us according to His “purpose,” and for His glory!  God created us His children as ‘multi-colored” as nature itself! In fact, Peter the apostle speaks to us in 1 Peter 4:10 about being good stewards of the “MANIFOLD” GRACE OF GOD. That word “manifold” means “multi-colored” in Greek.

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I must admit that I did the test two more times, & I seemed to also fall into a couple of other categories as well. I think when this happens, it may largely, depend on what “mood” you’re in when answering the questions. I think it is wise that when doing these sort of tests, to do them with someone who really knows you well! Tell them they have permission to be very honest otherwise what’s the point?? If you are honest with who you are, it is easier to ‘HONE IN’ to your true personality “key type”.

However, do not to limit yourself to the confines of your own personality “key type.”  Feel free to “DIP” into ALL the categories, and glean from those strengths to be the most effective person possible!  It is not only acceptable but very wise and helpful, given the situation.

For example.....if you need to be a “bridge builder” between people, then, dip into the “PEACEMAKER” key type......If someone needs a practical helping hand or an empathetic ear..... dip into the “HELPER/ CARETAKER” key type......When you need to have healthy boundaries and be assertive, then dip into the “POWERFUL INDIVIDUALIST” key type.                                  

However, one will always naturally “live in” and feel more comfortable in their “own skin, or “core key type.” It just comes naturally anyway!

Remember, accepting ourselves is the beginning to accepting others for their individuality and uniqueness. Also, we can never runaway from ourselves.......the only thing we can do is to embrace who we are, and, as the French say...” VIVE LA DIFFERENCE”!

Blessings............. Michelle


Meet Michelle Papineau-Stoen!


Michelle is available for your Motivational Gifts Seminar or Special Event.  Contact her at rickmich@telus.net.


Ready for a life changing experience?  Need an inspirational Speaker that moves your audience to embrace God's divine design?  Are you looking for a Speaker who can take an audience in the palm of her hand and bring them close to the heart of God?  Someone who is very "REAL" with her audience? 

Your paths have just crossed!  Meet Michelle Papineau-Stoen!


Michelle is a Motivational Speaker, Gifted Soloist, Beauty Consultant and Makeover Specialist.  She conducts beauty workshops and makeover demonstrations as a "calling card" for Evangelism. As well as speaking for various churches & organizations, Michelle has been  an itinerate speaker for "Christian Women's Club / Stonecroft Ministries",  for several years, sharing her dynamic testimony, as well as, her  theme, "Authentic Beauty".


Michelle has a natural talent for uplifting and encouraging others that flows forth when she speaks.  She desires to help individuals recognize their full potential, to live effective and purposeful lives in every area, and to empower them along a path to achieving this.  Also focusing on teaching people about their Motivational Gifts, and the Four Temperaments, Michelle feels a strong calling to help others discover their unique talents and God-given gifts.


She has traveled extensively locally and internationally, thru many parts of Eastern and Western Europe, and Australia, sharing her talents as a gifted soloist.  She has served as a Worship leader, Percussionist, Directing and acting in Christmas productions, Sunday School teacher, Prison Ministry, and Phone counselor for 700 Club.


Warm and personable, vivacious, and genuine, Michelle's quick wit and humour, accompanied by her tremendous love for the Lord, has made her a sought after speaker.


Michelle has been married to her wonderful husband, Richard Stoen for 10 years, and they reside in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.


Michelle will work with you to design a program that meets the needs of your theme or program.


Some comments from listeners:


"I know many women were encouraged, challenged and strengthened by what Michelle shared!"

         - Elizabeth, Women's Ministries, Granville Chapel, Vancouver, BC


"I always appreciate how Michelle presents things professionally, personally, and relevantly!  She helps people to be comfortable about themselves and to be REAL!  She pours everything she has into her ministry, coupled with the power of the Holy Spirit.  WOW!  God moves and people are changed for the better!"       
                      - Kathy Zelman, Valley Christian Church, Langley, BC


"Michelle made our meeting such a big success!!  Her message was terrific and she had the personality to go with it!"

                         - Christian Womens' Club, Vancouver, BC chapter


"Michelle's dynamic message is just what we needed to hear!  She made the message of salvation so clear and easy to follow.  Hearts were listening, ... you could hear a pin drop!"

                            - Christian Womens' Club, South Surrey, BC chapter


"Michelle gave everyone in the room a clear picture of how to obtain 'true inner beauty' by choosing to ask Jesus into their hearts, with sincerity that included wit and humour which everyone could relate to!"

          - Jane, Christian Womens' Club, Ridge Meadows, BC chapter


"Michelle brought laughter, joy and such beautiful words of wisdom.  She presents so clearly the way of salvation and victorious living!"

                            - Christian Womens' Club, Kelowna, BC chapter