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Mitragyna Speciosa - 1K, $112
The 30-minute Miracle

A Natural Remedy for Pain and Depression

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Organic Maeng Da in Powder or Capsules


1 kilo of whatever I can get, $100 - postpaid

My testimonial: All my life I have endured what was sometimes unbearable bodily pain from a degenerative spine disease. I also admit that depression has gotten the best of me until I decided to go on medication. A couple years ago I cracked a molar - it wasn't the first time - and dentist after dentist refused to take the tooth out because they could repair it, they said. After months of agony I finally found a dental surgeon who would take it out.

Why is it that we must tolerate such pain and depression? Why is it that our government must regulate the medication that will help? We go to a doctor, we get Tylenol, a poison that doesn't work for pain? Marijuana is a great pain-killer, but it is illegal in most places. In my state there are draconian penalties associated with it. My quest since the incident with the tooth has been to find SOMETHING for pain and depression that is free to the people. We should not have to endure the huge burden of doctors' visits, high pharma costs, and the threat of jail time and ruination of our reputations.

I found Mitragyna speciosa about a year ago. I didn't think the testimonials about it were true, but yet another scam. I finally bought some, and when I ate a little of it I was astounded that it fixed both my pain and depression within 30 minutes. I take it every day now and have put away the NSAIDS, pills and capsules. I don't need them anymore. Pain and depression are manageable again. I thank the Almighty for helping me find Maeng Da variety.

This is how it works: Maeng Da is a relative of the coffee plant.  It is grown in the far east.  It has big leaves that are ground into a powder.  The powder or capsules are taken with water.  The molecules of the Maend Da plant fit into the opioid receptors of the brain - the effect is much like that of an opioid like morphine - killing pain and raising the mood significantly.  However, it is NOT an opioid or narcotic, therefore it is not addictive and can be used to help get someone addicted to pain pills get off of them.  Further, it is not detected in drug testing.  The results are significant for me, and I'm hoping they will be the same for you. 

I wanted to make it free to everyone. Typically, Maeng Da is $16 or more per ounce plus as much as $7 shipping. Now that is expensive. So I went looking for a deal and I found one. Now I will pass the savings on to you in the hope that you experience the same relief as I have. It is our Father's gift to us. It should be free of charge, and some day it will be.

However, I must also comply with Food and Drug Administration with this caveat: according to that office, "our product is not intended for human or animal consumption."  That being said - you buy it, you do what you want with it.  Also, no sales to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, San Diego, Sarasota, Vermont or Wisconsin.  Now legal in Tennessee.



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Mitragyna Speciosa - Green Maeng Da Kratom

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Ma Huang Tincture (MGA)

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1 kilogram is approx. 35.3 oz.
Also can do 1/2 K (approx. 17 oz.)

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Friends!  Mitragyna speciosa is from the coffee family. But it has an amazing property. When it's digested, the molecules fit in the brain's opiate receptors. So what you'll experience is like morphine. it will bring up your mood, take care of your pain, and it's not addictive, so if you're on pain pain pills (for instance), take Mitra for three weeks - you'll lose the addiction to the pills, then quit.

You have to figure the right dosage though. Try it on an empty stomach, or if you do eat, don't eat fat or oil with the dose.

Loose powder: I put about 3 - 4 oz of water or gatorade in a cup. Start with one rounded tablespoon and dump it in there. Stir it a couple of times then let it sit for 10 minutes. After that, stir it up good and swallow it down. In a half hour you'll start feeling it. It lasts as long s 12 hours. Adjust your dose up or down from there. Some get the effect with only a teaspoon full - but everyone is different on dosage.

Capsules: You must eat and drink with capsules, else there is a chance they will stick in your esophagus. Start with 6 caps (preferably on an empty stomach), which will deliver 3 grams. Drink plenty of water or other non-fat liquid and eat a small breakfast. You should start feeling the effect within an hour. Adjust your dose from there. The effect will last up to 12 or more hours. If you feel nothing, you need more. It is highly unlikely that you could overdose on capsules. Everybody seems to have a different tolerance to Mitra - and chances are you will need more than 6 capsules.

How do you know if you've had too much? Nausea. Extreme sleepiness or dizziness. If you feel bad, drop the dose. And again, don't worry about overdose unless you have purposely tried to abuse the herb.

Once the dose has been digested, you will no longer get any benefit out of opiates or benzodiazepines.

I've been using this day and night for the better part of a year. It has changed my attitude and pain level - down to 0. I have also not taken it for periods of time - and I can assure you there is no withdrawal.

Let me know how you do with it. I'm selling it at near cost so as to help people with their moods and pain, and I have had wonderful testimonials to how it works. There is nobody yet who hasn't come back for it - partly because of the price and potency. Tell others who are in pain about your experience with Mitragyna Speciosa. Jack



Kratom Letter March 26, 2018


Hello, Essenes and friends.

(If you want off my list, please reply with STOP in the subject. I apologize if you got more than one email. I am trying to sell you something here, and I admit it from the very start. However, you might need these two 30-second miracles that I make.)

Here's the rule - if you are interested in anything I write here, reply with an email. I'm just me - I don't have employees or an office besides my lonely little room.

I am a person who has suffered intense pain from advanced ankelosing spondylitis and clinical depression since I was a teen. There is nothing effective that doctors can give me for these conditions that will alleviate them without major side effects. For decades I have tried to find natural, non-addictive & inexpensive relief from these conditions. In 2016, I found that relief.

I'm letting you know that I found a deal on Mitragyna Green Maeng Da to share with you. It may be time to stock up before the DEA and FDA make this unobtainable.

You probably know this, but Mitragyna Speciosa aka Kratom is an herb related to coffee. Making a 'tea' from its leaves provides relief within a half hour and has lasted for me up to 12 hours. My story is at my website The prices are high, for they have gone up precipitously in the last few months. However . . . .. ,

For a short time, I can get the most popular strains of Kratom in the 1 kilo size (35+ oz) for a little less than $80. I would add another $10 for postage to get it to you. This is the same high grade, non GMO, sterile herb you get any other respectable vendor, except I found a planter / producer in the Far East that is willing to help us.

I recently received a shipment from this producer and can vouch for its quality and effectiveness. It takes a little longer to get here - about 10 days, but the price is worth the wait.

I went to a LOCAL vendor a few days ago. That company is selling Kratom for $20 and ounce!! The last time I tried the local variety, I found that it had obviously been cut with aromatic tea! It is my intention to help people in pain; therefore, I keep my overhead to very little to fulfill that mission.

If you want to take advantage of my offer, as soon as you can - in the next week if possible - and paypal me at (My website should reflect this price within a few days.) Or you may send a check to me at 3495 1st St. Vero Beach, FL 32968 (772) 606-2167. I'll get you your product in as short a time as possible.

I'm heading out next week on an extended visitation tour for the Yahad, so please order soon!

And if you read no farther, I write you because you are my friend; and insofar as I can, I ask blessings on you and yours from the Father of us all - Yahweh, creator, hero and Savior.

But if you are obese, please read on!

In the 90s, for a short while I was a spokesman for a company that manufactured an amazing diet product. The company eventually failed, but in the meantime I memorized the formula. It's simple to make, but takes time to age. I'm talking about the synergistic combination of ma huang herb, guarana, coffee and white willow. Now you know the secret yourself. I tried it on overweight church people for six weeks back then, and the typical weight loss was from 10 - 35 lbs without dieting. Yes, you could make it yourself, but the herbs are expensive and hard to get - a tincture must be manufactured.

When I saw the tincture offered online for $20 and ounce, I thought that I could do better than that. So I have been making it the last year and selling 4 oz. for $18.99. I have not advertised it because I have some regulars who have been purchasing all I could make. So I have them satisfied - see, I made a big batch. I'll give the rest to y'all for the same price with instructions. I have to make a little $$ too; how else can I devote my time full time to the Kingdom Kause.

The government always poo-poos products you can make at home - but look what the National Institute says about what I make in my little kitchen:

Ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin: safety and efficacy for treatment of human obesity.

Daly PA1, Krieger DR, Dulloo AG, Young JB, Landsberg L.

Abstract from

The safety and efficacy of a mixture of ephedrine (75-150mg), caffeine (150mg) and aspirin (330mg), in divided premeal doses, were investigated in 24 obese humans (mean BMI 37.0) in a randomized double blind placebo-controlled trial. Energy intake was not restricted. Overall weight loss over 8 weeks was 2.2kg for ECA vs. 0.7 kg for placebo (p < 0.05). 8 of 13 placebo subjects returned 5 months later and received ECA in an unblinded crossover. After 8 weeks, mean weight loss with ECA was 3.2 kg (7 pounds!) vs 1.3 kg for placebo (p = 0.036). 6 subjects continued on ECA for 7 to 26 months. After 5 months on ECA, average weight loss in 5 of these was 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs.) compared to 0.03 kg gained during 5 months between studies with no intervention (p = 0.03). The sixth subject lost 66 kg (145.5 lbs.) over 13 months by self-imposed caloric restriction. In all studies, no significant changes in heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, insulin, and cholesterol levels, and no differences in the frequency of side effects were found. ECA in these doses is thus well tolerated in otherwise healthy obese subjects, and supports modest, sustained weight loss even without prescribed caloric restriction, and may be more effective in conjunction with restriction of energy intake.

Go to to purchase or reply to this email.

You know me. I would not lead you astray. And this is the means by which I make a living. Help me, and I'll help you. Promise.


Jackson Snyder    3495 1st St.    Vero Beach, FL 32968    (772) 696-2167