Mitragyna Speciosa
The 30-minute Miracle

A Natural Remedy for Pain and Depression

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Organic Maeng Da in Powder or Capsules

My testimonial: All my life I have endured what was sometimes unbearable bodily pain from a degenerative spine disease. I also admit that depression has gotten the best of me until I decided to go on medication. A couple years ago I cracked a molar - it wasn't the first time - and dentist after dentist refused to take the tooth out because they could repair it, they said. After months of agony I finally found a dental surgeon who would take it out.

Why is it that we must tolerate such pain and depression? Why is it that our government must regulate the medication that will help? We go to a doctor, we get Tylenol, a poison that doesn't work for pain? Marijuana is a great pain-killer, but it is illegal in most places. In my state there are draconian penalties associated with it. My quest since the incident with the tooth has been to find SOMETHING for pain and depression that is free to the people. We should not have to endure the huge burden of doctors' visits, high pharma costs, and the threat of jail time and ruination of our reputations.

I found Mitragyna speciosa about a year ago. I didn't think the testimonials about it were true, but yet another scam. I finally bought some, and when I ate a little of it I was astounded that it fixed both my pain and depression within 30 minutes. I take it every day now and have put away the NSAIDS, pills and capsules. I don't need them anymore. Pain and depression are manageable again. I thank the Almighty for helping me find Maeng Da variety.

This is how it works: Maeng Da is a relative of the coffee plant.  It is grown in the far east.  It has big leaves that are ground into a powder.  The powder or capsules are taken with water.  The molecules of the Maend Da plant fit into the opioid receptors of the brain - the effect is much like that of an opioid like morphine - killing pain and raising the mood significantly.  However, it is NOT an opioid or narcotic, therefore it is not addictive and can be used to help get someone addicted to pain pills get off of them.  Further, it is not detected in drug testing.  The results are significant for me, and I'm hoping they will be the same for you. 

I wanted to make it free to everyone. Typically, Maeng Da is $16 or more per ounce plus as much as $7 shipping. Now that is expensive. So I went looking for a deal and I found one. Now I will pass the savings on to you in the hope that you experience the same relief as I have. It is our Father's gift to us. It should be free of charge, and some day it will be.

However, I must also comply with Food and Drug Administration with this caveat: according to that office, "our product is not intended for human or animal consumption."  That being said - you buy it, you do what you want with it.  Also, no sales to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, San Diego, Sarasota, Tennessee, Vermont or Wisconsin.



~ Loose Powder ~

4.99 per ounce - no minimum

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~ Vegi - Capsules ~

500 mg per capsule - certified organic


100 caps = 34.95 + Shipping = $3.00 = Total = 37.95

140 caps = $46.95 + Shipping = $3.00 = Total = $49.95

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