The Wisdom of Chief Slacabamorinico

The Saddle Is My Pulpit
Reminiscence of a Circuit Rider
Song: The Circuit Riding Preacher

Digging Up Bones
Psalms 103: 8-12; Col 3: 12-17
Friends in Low Places
Luke 10: 1-15; Mark 2: 13-17
The Very First Christmas Story
Hosea 5: 15 - 6:3

B. Wayne Dean Sr.  is considered to be one of the area's most learned experts on Mobile's Mardi Gras. He is also one of the festival's most enthusiastic supporters. He is the current incarnation of Slacabamorinico, only the fourth person in Carnival history to hold this honored distinction. Dean is the author of six previous books.

Essays on  Mardi Gras -
  A Great Coming Together
  Mobile's Paradoxical Party
  Grew from Christian, not Pagan, roots
  A Fun Industry - big for Tourism and Industry
Mobile Mardi Gras Grass Roots Run Deep
  Those Jewish Mystics
  What About All the Drinking?

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