Big Daddy

A Sermon About Professional Wrestling

Big Daddy was any mother's dream -- 6 feet three and two hundred fifty pounds of solid muscle. Big Daddy had beautiful long blond curls over the hairless face of a cherub. He'd always been a clean liver -- soft spoken, well-mannered and well-behaved. Big Daddy never even swore. And he'd never lost a match in his entire career, for he fought clean and with skillful wisdom backed by superhuman strength.



Codex Sinaiticus

New Testament:

from the famed discovery


The earliest, oldest New Testament text has finally been released to the public.  You may read the Codex Sinaiticus online - but only if you know Greek!  To read it inCodex Sinaiticus New Testament H T Anderson English English, you need the only English translation we know.  The H. T. Anderson English Translation of the Codex Sinaiticus, with the three extra early New Testament books and the Sonnini Manuscript of Acts 29 included, and the original absences of certain verses (put in there later by the 'church') is now available only at here.  

THIS IS NOT A CHEAP, SCANNED-IN FACSIMILE. This is a first edition of the text published in easy-to-read Georgia font with plenty of room between verses for your notes.2 points between verses, hard or soft cover.


The Nazarene Acts
of the Apostles

Also known as
The Recognitions of Clement

Ever wonder why PAUL and not PETER received the mission to the lost tribes?  Wasn't Peter the stone upon which the "church" was to be built?  In this new translation of the Nazarene Acts, we follow Kefa (Peter) as he itinerates from Jerusalem and up the Mediterranean coast up to Tripoli, as recorded in the journals of his successor, Clement of Rome (Phi 4:3).  Every message Kefa preached, the company he kept, and the great works of faith the the Almighty accomplished through him are herein recorded.  This 300 page volume has been 'hidden' in the back of an obscure volume of the "Church Fathers" all this time.  Could it be that, in establishing the Gentile 'church' by pushing away from Judaism, this history was purposely hidden?

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(Mat 11:27-30 KJV) {27} All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him. {28} Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. {29} Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. {30} For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

PRAYER: I thank thee, O Father, Sovereign of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. Even so, Father: for so it seemed good in thy sight. (Matthew 11:25,26)

It is becoming increasingly evident that somewhere deep, deep down, within the very essence of who we are as human beings, there is built into our nature the inescapable biological need to connect with the Divine -- the cosmic parent -- with Elohim. More and more, medical doctors, genetic scientists, and physicists are becoming convinced that we are "hard wired" to seek the face of Elohim. Dr. Benson, a medical doctor and best selling author, tells us that our search for Elohim stems from an innate "craving for divinity that is fully and organically activated in us," for it is "his restless breathing we still hear in our sleep."

This is the way such a discovery translates into everyday thinking and practice: We need Elohim if for no other reason than to know that there exists a being greater than ourselves, one who cares for us enough that, when we feel like giving up, his power can catch us up before we fall or extricate us from disaster. We need a Elohim who is strong, who we can trust, rely upon and depend on. Somebody to speak to our heart of hearts with encouraging words, like "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything."

So many mistakenly fill up their need for Elohim with someone or something other than Elohim, like a spouse, or a parent, or a bank book, or a fantasy. This may fulfill for awhile, but in the long term, when that spouse or parent or bank book or fantasy fails to live up to its Elohim-like status, we crash -- at first we become angry, then depressed, then we triangle the real Elohim, accusing him of letting us down.

In the throes of such self-betrayal, let's look ever to Yahshua, the man, the Son, who was subjected to the same cravings and needs as you and I; a man who had no earthly father at all to fulfill him; yet a man who, in all things, acknowledged and celebrated the reality of a heavenly Father, who could ultimately meet all his needs.

Did you know that Yahshua the man was a scandal in his hometown? He was known as "Mary's son" in Nazareth. Being called after his mother rather than his father in those days meant that he was publicly acknowledged as being illegitimate -- born in sin -- a curse and a grave social handicap. The church people taunted him: "We know who our father is...." The implication was, "but you, Yahshua, do not" -- and this from religious folk!

But Yahshua knew his Father's identity, all right. He knew his Father was in the fifth dimension, for he had heard his Father from the outer limits declare at his baptism, "This is my beloved son. Pay attention to him." Yahshua, being vindicated by these words, eventually ascended to his Father (as witnesses testify). He now becomes a father-figure for those whom he is presently saving, for he lives ever after to make intercession for us. That Yahshua "intercedes" means that he can "go between" -- he can go between you and your problems, your enemies, your failures. He can buffer you from hurts, and he can heal you from despair. He works hard for you in times you know not and situations you cannot handle. Yes, Yahshua Messiah is well able to protect us, nurture us, fight for us, and take ultimate responsibility for our safety and salvation, if we will only let him be Father.

SCRIPTURE PREMISE: Because Yahshua was obedient even to death, all authority was given by the Elohim of Heaven to him. Of all things given, 3 particularly pertain to us today: his ability, his ownership and his compassion.

(1) Yahshua is able to interact in our lives. He has always been known for his great works. As the bystander noted, "Who can do such works unless he be from Elohim?" Today, though Yahshua is in Heaven, his Spirit is here among us. You see, Yahshua promised "When I go away, I will give you another counselor, the Paraclete." A paraclete is an advocate, defined as "One who defends or supports." Furthermore, paraclete literally means, "One called to be alongside." The Spirit of Yahshua is ever present, even right along side of us, and takes our part with divine ability. It was through the help of the Spirit of Yahshua that St. Paul could boast: "I can do all things." And we too can boast of his ability in our lives.

(2) Yahshua owns us. He bought us with his life and then he re-created us in his image. So he has a double right of ownership. It's like what the poor little Haitian boy said to his little boat. He had made the toy from sticks and string. It had drifted away, and was discovered by a greedy merchant. The boy found his boat at the merchant's stall and had no other choice but buy his boat back. And it cost him five cents -- all the money he had. He said to the beloved boat, "Now I owns ya double -- I made ya, and I bought ya back."

Yet it goes much farther for us. For, according to the Scriptures, we "own" Messiah. Have you heard it read that "I am my beloved's and he is mine..."?

(3) Yahshua loves us; His is a love of both compassion and action. Did you ever wonder why Yahshua bothered to do good? He certainly didn't have to. But, as Scripture tells us, he did good works because he had "compassion for the masses." In fact, Yahshua did not have to come at all, much less die. Yet he was given to us for the sake of love: "For Elohim so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son." And now I know that "Yahshua loves me" not just because the Bible tells me so, but because I can actually feel his love; can you?

SCRIPTURE PROMISE: Through his ability, by right of ownership, by virtue of his love, Yahshua promises rest for who? For all who are tired from carrying heavy burdens. He promises, "I will give you rest."

(1) Such a rest is not a lazy rest or an unproductive rest, but a rest that keeps busy and at the same time frees us up from all fear, worry, and demonic oppression. And -- it is a free vacation gift from Yahshua to you. And you don't even have to buy anything to receive it. All you have to do is enter in.

(2) The offer of rest tells us something about who the followers of Yahshua are likely to be -- people in need -- people just like you and me. Yes, it is a promise for a beleaguered and strung-out people.

(3) But it's not by _______ that rest comes. (Financial viability, right living, a good doctor, finding the right love-mate, prescription drugs, church-going, working long hours.) It's by Yahshua! He said, "I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU -- JUST COME AND GET IT!" For (as the writer of Hebrews proclaims in 4:10) "Whoever enters Elohim's rest also ceases from his own labors as Elohim did from his." And Yahshua calls again, "I WILL GIVE YOU REST! Just turn your eyes upon me!" "Turn Your Eyes Upon Yahshua, look full...."

SCRIPTURE PRINCIPLE: Yes, that's the scripture principle. Come to me and enter my rest! Come into SABBATH; for Sabbath is not just a day, Sabbath is a lifestyle and a relationship. Entering the Sabbath of Yahshua means, paradoxically, taking on his yoke to learn from him (Mt 11:29).

What does it mean to be yoked? It means to be yoked to Yahshua like oxen are yoked that they might learn from one another how to plow a field. Did you know that yokemakers always make one side of the yoke much larger and heavier than the other? That's because a strong ox is always teamed with a weaker ox. The stronger always takes the lead and the greater load. Did you also know that when the farmer yokes the strong ox, the weaker ox seems to know about it, no matter where she is, and comes joyfully running to take her place as a yokefellow? Yahshua' "yoke" is a joyful yoke, the symbol of partnership in which he is the stronger ox. Take his yoke upon you, and he, as the strong partner, will give you rest -- Sabbath. So you see, the yoke is a wonderful symbol Yahshua uses to denote labor and rest, and that's no "yoke."

The key to entering his restful yokefellowship is found in Prov 3:5 and following, which teaches you to:

Trust in Yahweh with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Trust him with all your heart; you need not rely on your own wisdom, you have so little anyway. Trust him in all your ways, acknowledge him first! For like a strong ox, he'll take the lead in your life and guide you into paths of righteousness. As a loving Father, he will also be your advocate and get everything all straightened out just for you.

I met Rev. Donald English in Manchester, England in 1993. Rev. English was at that time the General Secretary of World Methodist Council -- the spiritual head of 12,000,000 Methodists world-wide. He told a story that really stuck with me.

Rev. English decided that he hadn't been spending enough time with his teenage boys, so he decided to devote an evening to whatever they wanted to do. Expecting that they wanted to go to the opera, he was dismayed when they told him they were going instead to World Heavyweight Wrestling. The night's bouts featured several well-known wrestlers and teams, including one of the most popular and successful wrestlers of all time, Big Daddy.

Big Daddy was any mother's dream -- 6 feet three and two hundred fifty pounds of solid muscle. Big Daddy had beautiful long blond curls over the hairless face of a cherub. He'd always been a clean liver -- soft spoken, well-mannered and well-behaved. Big Daddy never even swore. And he'd never lost a match in his entire career, for he fought clean and with skillful wisdom backed by superhuman strength. Big Daddy was to be the featured wrestler of the evening. But before he was to come to the ring, the English family settled back in the bleachers to watch a warm-up tag team match between the Lewin brothers, who were good friends with Big Daddy, and the team of Dick the Bruiser and the Sheik.

It was obvious early on that the Lewin Brothers, who were clean-cut "good guys," were no match for their evil counterparts. Before very long, the Sheik had thrown salt into the elder Lewin's eyes. Blinded, he fell to the mat, and the Sheik began beating him to a bloody pulp. Instantly, Dick the Bruiser, the Sheik's pernicious partner, barged illegally into the ring and began to kick the elder Lewin senseless. The referee was, of course, completely unaware of the terrible beating, since he was ridiculously engaged in keeping the younger Lewin out of the ring. And the crowd was wild with commotion -- jeers and boos and fruitless attempts at making the ref mindful of the heinous crime being perpetrated before their eyes yet just behind his back.

But then it happened. Some youngsters in the crowd began to point to the back of the auditorium with shouts. Others began to look back to see what was going on. Immediately, the auditorium exit door was thrown open with a crash and out pranced -- guess who! It was Big Daddy in all his esteem and just in time. Slowly he began to saunter down the aisle toward the ring. He was accompanied by a fancy entourage of beautiful young ladies in ballet costumes and dandy gentlemen in tuxedos. The band in the balcony began to wail "Elohim Save the King," and the crowd began to roar and chant, "Big Daddy's Comin', Big Daddy's Comin', Big Daddy's Comin'"!

Ever so slowly he approached the debacle in the ring, stopping occasionally to sign an autograph or take a baby in his arms. He had leave to take his time; for he was, after all, Big Daddy. The commotion was so raucous that even Dick the Bruiser and the Sheik stopped their dirty work to look up and to fear. But it was too late for them. Flicking the referee aside like a horsefly, Big Daddy hoisted himself into the ring in one incredible swoop, taking the loathsome Sheik in one huge fist and that filthy Bruiser in the other and holding the astonished bad guys up to the crowd. The Rev. English's boys were thrilled to witness Big Daddy then crack two ugly skulls together, lifting one hulk after the other, and pitching each in turn out of the ring with unspeakable power onto the concrete floor of the aisle. Crash! Bang!

The Sheik and the Bruiser limped away as fast as they could. The crowd spit on them, and roared with approval. But before Big Daddy stopped to receive any of the crowd's worship, he tore off his sequin-spangled cape, stooped down onto the canvas, and began to minister healing to the bloodied Lewin brother. And this is pretty much what Rev. English witnessed as his boys cheered themselves hoarse for their Big Daddy. And Rev. English concluded his story with words something like this:

We have a Father not so unlike Big Daddy after all. He'll fight your battles, solve for your cares, free you from stress, and hold up your enemies as a spectacle to the world. Your Big Daddy's name is Yahshua Messiah! By virtue of his Elohim-given miracle-working power to be your advocate, by his legal rights of ownership over you, and by his unlimited love and compassion for you, your Big Daddy goes before you, then stands behind you. He'll fight your enemies, but he calls to you today: "Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." Friends, you might be all beat up and bloodied. But you must call for him first, and he will come, and he will give you rest.

Jackson Snyder, February 27, 1994