Jew and Gentile
Jacob & Esau
Israel & Palestine
Updated September 2, 2003
Snyder Bible

Humanity at the Abyss
Rabbi Chaim Richman

Holy War & The Koran 
Whosoever killeth you will think he doeth Allah service. (John 16:2)
Pakistani Response

The World vs. Israel
from Bill Koenig; anti-Semitism in the "Church of G-d."

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Christians Aren't the Enemy  But now that America's (conservative) Christians have come forward en masse to support a Jewish state in its hour of need, Jewish liberals are viciously on the attack.

Do Jews and Christians worship the same god?  Rebuttal a newspaper article.  The Baptist says no; I say yes.

A People Who Are Now but Never Were

Axes of Evil!  Funny new world alliances.

Scholars dare to look into origins of Quran
But only a couple dare!

Vatican Recognizes Jews' Messiah Claim!!!
The Latest from Cardinal Ratzinger

What's In a Name?  Article by Eddie Chumney or Hebrew Heritage

Christianity in the Middle East
Kathleen Banks
Washington Report
I could not understand how a just, all-powerful and loving God could create a world in which people could do such horrible things to other people

Europe 'Is Rubbing Its Eyes' at the Ascent of the Right

More Anti-Semitism in Europe - May, 2002

Jihad & Anti-Semitism
Who are the two witnesses? Why a war on terror?

Anti-Semitism in San Francisco
Police just stand by

Israeli Conflict Historical Perspective
Dr. Barry Lef.

Sermons / Midrash
Dr. Lef