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The Nativity
Messiah's Birth at Sukkot
Dr. James Trimm, Messiah born 4 B.C.
What About Christmas
It's pagan origins explained
Facts About Christmas

Dating, Santa and Helios
The Five Mysterious Women of the Toledoth
   Exercise & ctivity based on Matthew 1

The Nine Lessons of Messiah's Birth

The Messiah through Scripture
What is Hanukkah? 1 Mac 1:10
Joseph - A Dreamer Mat 1:18
The Logos
John 1:1 In the beginning, the Logos
Mary and the Conception of Jesus
Luk1:26 An Innovative Study
Match the Prophecies 
   regarding Messiah in OT and NT
Puzzle - What Year was Jesus Born?

you can figure it out
Prophetic Poetry for the Nativity

   The poetry of Luke 1 & 2

The Catholic Mary
The Origin of the Virgin

   Mary from the Apocrypha
The Doctrine of the Virgin and Holy Wisdom
Encyclopedia Britannica
The Immaculate Conception
Encyclopedia Britannica
The Assumption of Mary
Encyclopedia Britannica

Modern Iraq and the Bible - a historical and geographic survey by Brian Wood
Connecting the Dots
  Bible Prophecy for the End-times
Prophecy Pages
   Sermons and lessons
The Beasts of Daniel
   Not for the "Left Behind" crowd




Charismatic Interest

Find here many lessons and sermons for the charismatic or evangelical 

Hebraic Studies
To Eat or Not To Eat?
Hebrews' Scripture Sources

Church Matters
Testifying Tips
  How to give your testimony
Tips on Retaining Visitors

Keep them coming back
Worship Liturgy and Resources
   Methodist and Related Groups

Settling Church Disputes

Mat 18:15 A Practical Approach
Orientation for an Evangelism Event

   Suitable for an Introduction to Evangelism
The Task of the Pastor

a Lecture by Langdon Garrison
Acolyte Training Event
The Acolyte through Scripture
An Overview of Church Administration
   by Dayton Graham, Mobile, AL
About the Lord's Supper
   A Guide for Church People
Praise: The Lost Dimension

How to Praise Yahweh
How to Mobilize Church Volunteers

Review of a great book
Leadership: Church as Organism
   Perfect for Board Meetings
Survey on the Influence of Pentecostalism on the Congregation
   Multiple Guess
The Nicean Creed
Encarta Article

Family Matters
The Model Marriage and Scripture

Eph 5:21 and many more
Dealing with Grief

   and Significant Loss


Death and Resurrection
The Rich Man and Lazarus from Hope of Life After Death by Ron Day
Do You Have an Immortal Soul?
by Richard A. Wiedenheft

What Survives When We Die?
What Is Being "In Christ"?
It's more than you think
What Is the Resurrection of the Dead?
    Part 1 How was Yahshua resurrected?
What is the Resurrection of the Dead?
    Part 2  The three classes of the resurrected.
What I Believe About Life After Death
   Jackson Snyder
The Day of Judgment
Hell in the Bible
With What Body Will We be Raised?  
   all by Ron Day
Used with permission
When a Man Dies
   Dawn Bible Students

The Creation and Pentateuch
The Two Source Theory for the Creation Story

   Yahweh and Elohim
The Evolution of an Idea

   The Creation Story Through Scripture
The First Creation Story
   a discussion guide
Yahweh Sets People Free

   Exo 6:5-7
Gideon and Pagan Society
   a study guide for Jud 6
The Enochan Origin of Evil
   a lecture outline

New Testament Interpolations in translations other than  Siniaticus
The Bible: Divine Authorship?
   Is the "Bible Code" for real?
Love Divine All Loves Excelling

   An example of the Scriptural foundations of Wesleyan hymns
To Whom Did Jesus Preach in Hell?
1 Pet 3:18 Includes a diagram of the seven heavens
Salvation: What's it All About?
   Acts 16:16 Saved from what?
Methodist Beliefs on Salvation

The Gift of Faith