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Dear Believer:  I have been promoting Messiah on the web since soon after Al Gore invented it.  It costs approximately $700 per year to maintain these sites and hundreds of hours of labor. If you have received any insight from my stuff, received free translations or advice, Please consider subscribing.  I find myself a senior citizen now with very limited income. I have relied on the Father for all my needs for over 50 years now. Perhaps now Father will work through you so as to keep these precious words here now  and in the future, when you and I are long gone, for a new and troubled generation. I could also use help in website development, audio editing, music manuscripting and teaching. If you are not so challenged, don't leave! Perhaps Father is speaking to your heart.   GO TO SUBSCRIPTIONS & DONATIONS


Jackson Snyder Presents (www.JSPresents.org) - 700 hours of challenging podcasts that include many hidden mysteries of the Scriptural from a historical / critical perspectives.  I am a New Testament & Apocrypha professor with a very good grasp on the Scriptures and the history of Rome, Greece and the Middle East, and especially that of ancient Israel and Egypt.  Also includes many lessons from associated others, like Daniel ben Regesh, Abiyah Bein Tzion, Robert Eisenman, Carl Archuleta, Andrew Carlson, Liz McGee, Bradford and Christina Brink (David h'Natsari) - many other Nazarene / Ebionite scholars. This site was last updated August, 2017.


Jackson Snyder Youtube Channel - Over 100 hours of videos on Biblical and historical topics, with more going up every day.

Jackson Snyder Bible (www.jacksonsnyder.org) - Hundreds of essays, sermons and books written from the 1990s to 2011, when I desisted from updating this site.  For this reason, one will find lots of dead links and missing pieces.   However, fishing this site with Google Advanced Search will uncover many, many books, essays, sermons, lessons, archaeological studies, liturgies, prayers and who knows what else, as I worked this site every day for 20 years.


Robert Eisenman Private Interviews (www.jacksonsnyder.com/yah/2014/HNR/index.htm#eisenman) - Several private interviews and presentations by out friend Robert Eisenman, a member of the Vero Essene Yahad Think Tank.  Professor Eisenman provides that fundamentals of our Essene faith, as exemplified in his books James the Brother of Jesus, The New Testament Code & The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians.


The Vero Essene Yahad (www.VeroYahad.org) - VEY is our religious and academic headquarters and includes events, special presentations, personnel & an extensive manuscript library. VEY also trains candidates for ordination under the apostolic succession and provides ongoing studies for professional ministers.  The Yahad has offices in several international venues.  In the United States, the main office is at 3495 1st St. Vero Beach, FL 32968 (772) 696-2167 .  Secondary office is in Cleveland, TN: VEY 2005 Westland Dr. SW Suite 303, Cleveland TN 37311 (423) 414-1258. For membership or ordination information, go to the site and click the appropriate link.  As a professional ministerial organization, we do not charge money for ORDINATION or MEMBERSHIP - but be prepared to spend time in our education programs and supervised ministry.


Essene Academy of Religion, Theology & History (www.esseneacademy.com) - EARTH is a Masters-level theological and historical educational institute where, for a small fee, a student may start a series of courses that cover Christian & Essene Origins, the Nazorean movement, apocrypha & pseudepigrapha, Akhentaten / Melchizedek / Hebrew / Egyptian connections, orthodoxy & gnosticism, the Jesus / Yahshua movement, Constantine and Lactantius, and many more.  EARTH is not a Bible college; we would expect that the student would be willing to take a more analytical perspective than what one might have from church institutes.


The Vero Yahad Think Tank - This is a Facebook Group of six hundred free-thinkers that ascribe only to our motto: Unity in Diversity; not Diversity in Conflict.  Beliefs vary widely; a belief statement is not necessary to belong to the Think Tank.  Civility rules - no personal insults or anger is tolerated.  However, all opinions, studies and theological notions are accepted and discussed.  When the formal Yahad needs opinions or poll results, we go to the Think Tank.  And you can go there, too and take part as you will.


The New Testament Code Commentary Group - Another Facebook group that sponsors online events that deal with the books of Robert Eisenman and related theories of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians.  We have a live online commentary class once a week.  Occasionally, Professor Eisenman comes on with us.


Private Partitas - Original instrumental music written between 1979 and 1985.  These pieces are a sample of more music written in this period, inscribed and computerized in 2010.


KingdomKart Bookstore - The books and translations of my authorship plus new and used books for help with Essene Evangelism.  Moringa products, Tzitzyot, and whatever I can find of value.


KratomAtom.org - For the lowest prices I could find in the miracle pain-killer Mitragyna speciosa.  The leaves from this oriental coffee plant, when used properly, will alleviate the worst pain (in most cases) within 30 minutes of consumption.  The molecules of Mitragyna seek out and fill up the opioid receptors in the brain, bringing relief very similar to Morphine.  Yet because Mitragyna is NOT an opioid, there is no addiction and no withdrawal.  It's truly a miracle from Elohim, and works better and faster than any pain killer I have known.  Contact for a sample.


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